Silene, also spelled Silena or Sylene, in Libya, is one of the suggested locations for the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.
Highest point
Peak Storsylen
Elevation 1,762 m (5,781 ft)
Coordinates 63°01′12″N 12°11′55″E / 63.02000°N 12.19861°E / 63.02000; 12.19861Coordinates: 63°01′12″N 12°11′55″E / 63.02000°N 12.19861°E / 63.02000; 12.19861
Etymology "syl" meaning "awl"
Native name Bealjehkh
Countries Norway and Sweden
States/Provinces Sør-Trøndelag and Jämtland

Sylan (Norwegian), Sylarna (Swedish), Bealjehkh (Southern Sami) is a mountain range on the border between Norway and Sweden, in the counties Sør-Trøndelag and Jämtland.

Storsylen, northern ridge. The glacier can be seen to the left.

Central in the area is the mountain ridge starting with Lillsylen in the north, passing over the highest point Storsylen (1,762 metres or 5,781 feet), and further to Storsola (1,728 metres or 5,669 feet) in the south. Traversal of the ridge is a popular trip for experienced hikers, and is easiest from the south to the north, due to a scrambling point about 100 metres (330 ft) south of the Storsylen summit.[1]

There are a number of mountain cabins in the area. The Norwegian Trekking Association maintains the tourist huts Schultzhytta in Roltdalen, Storerikvollen and Nedalshytta by Nesjøen. On the Swedish side the Swedish Tourist Association maintains the tourist huts Blåhammarens Fjällstation, Sylarnas Fjällstation and Helags Fjällstation. The mountain has a number of relatively small glaciers in its cirques on the eastern side of the main ridge.


Sylan is the finite plural of syl m 'awl'. The sharp and pointed peaks of the mountains have been compared with the tool.


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