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Suzzy Roche (born September 29, 1956; Suzzy rhymes with "fuzzy"),[1] originally from Park Ridge, New Jersey, is best known for her work with the vocal group The Roches, alongside sisters Maggie and Terre.[2] Suzzy is the youngest of the three, and joined the act in 1977.[3] She has written a book titled Wayward Saints, published in 2012.[4]


Roche is also an active associate member of The Wooster Group and has appeared in a number of the group's productions as well as composing original music for the group's performances.[5] She was briefly a member of Four Bitchin' Babes, appearing on their album Some Assembly Required.[5] In 2004 Roche appeared on Crash Test Dummies album Songs of the Unforgiven.[6]

In addition to singing, she is an actress, having appeared in the 1988 romantic comedy Crossing Delancey,[7] as well as a 1982 film, Soup for One.[8] Roche also appeared with her siblings (playing themselves) in the 1996 comedy A Weekend in the Country.[9]


With musician Loudon Wainwright III, Roche has a daughter: Lucy Wainwright Roche.[10] Lucy's half-siblings Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright are also singer-songwriters.[11]

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