Love Spirals Downwards

Love Spirals Downwards
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Dream pop, dark wave, ethereal wave, drum and bass
Instruments Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, sampler, drum machine, keyboard, hand drum, dulcimer
Years active 19911999
Labels Projekt Records, Hyperium Records
Associated acts Lovespirals, Melodyguild
Website Love Spirals Downwards
Past members Ryan Lum
Suzanne Perry

Love Spirals Downwards was a California band that incorporated ethereal wave, dream pop, drum and bass and electronica.


Love Spirals Downwards was begun by multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lum and then-girlfriend Suzanne Perry. In 1991, Lum and Perry recorded a demo, which led to a contract with Projekt Records. Over its 8-year history, the band released four full-length albums, a career retrospective and a CD single, selling (by their own account) in excess of 40,000 albums.[1] They were also included on over two dozen various artist compilations,[2] including the Heavenly Voices series released by the German label Hyperium Records.

Perry's sister Kristen collaborated with Lum and Perry on two tracks on the 1998 album, Flux. One of her songs, "Psyche," was used on episode No. 501 of Dawson’s Creek, originally airing on October 10, 2001. This episode was included on the Season 5 DVD set.[3]

Jennifer Wilde (then working under her maiden name, Jennifer Ryan Fuller) performed as a guest vocalist on two tracks for Love Spirals Downwards' 1994 second release, Ardor. Her vocals on one of these songs, "Sunset Bell," were reused for a new version of the song four years later on the band's album, Flux. Wilde went on to form her own band, Liquid State, in January 2006.[4]

Although the band never officially broke up, in 1999, Lum began releasing music under the shortened moniker Lovespirals, featuring new vocal collaborator Anji Bee. In January 2000, career retrospective CD Temporal was released by Projekt, including new remixes of songs from Flux and promotional materials that seemed to indicate the band was still active.[5]

Soon after, Projekt announced that Perry would release an EP under the band name Melodyguild in 2003. The release was pushed back several times before disappearing from the label's website, although Projekt did release a label sampler CD in December 2006 with a Melodyguild song.

"Idylls" and "Ardor" were reissued in 2007 in remastered editions with extra tracks.[6]

In June 2008, Perry returned with her first body of work in almost a decade, under the Melodyguild moniker. The quartet released the four-track EP Aitu via Projekt Records.[7]


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