Supreme Military Council (Syria)

Supreme Military Council
المجلس العسكري الأعلى
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Active 7 December 2012 – Present
Part of Free Syrian Army

The Supreme Military Council (SMC) (Arabic: المجلس العسكري الأعلى, also called the Supreme Military Command[1] or the Higher Military Council in Aleppo) is the highest military leadership of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). It is headed by Brigadier general Abdelkarim al-Ahmed. The establishment of the organisation was announced on 7 December 2012 with the backing of western and Arab powers as a means of financing and arming Syrian rebel forces.[2][3]

The Supreme Military Council of the FSA supports the Syrian National Council (SNC).[4]


On 7 December 2012, 260 rebel commanders from all over Syria agreed to a unified command structure of the Free Syrian Army. The participants elected a 30-member Supreme Military Council, which then selected General Salim Idris as Chief of Staff.[3] The council was created with the backing of western powers and many Arab states as a vehicle to finance and arm rebel groups.[2]

On 16 February 2014, the Supreme Military Council announced that Idris was replaced "with Colonel Abdelilah al-Bashir, head of FSA operations in the province of Qunaitera".[5]

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