Single by Shane Dawson
Released March 31, 2012 (2012-03-31)
Format Digital download
Recorded 2011/12
Genre Pop rock, electronic dance, dubstep
Length 4:14
Label Collective Digital Studio
Writer(s) Shane Dawson, Eric Goldman, Michael Corcoran
Producer(s) Eric Goldman, Michael Corcoran
Shane Dawson singles chronology
"Hey, Suup!?"
"The Vacation Song"

"Superluv!" is a song by American comedy YouTube actor Shane Dawson. "Superluv!" was written and produced by Eric Goldman (producer of Electrolightz) and Michael Corcoran (producer of Drake Bell), and co-written by Dawson who served as lyricist. He had mentioned his recording and producing of the song in previous 'vlogs' and the song had leaked online [1] March 30, 2012. The song was officially released on iTunes on March 31st worldwide, and became #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Chart. The music video was released on Dawson's main YouTube channel the same day.


"Superluv!" was mentioned in Shane's videos on his third channel, shane, through its development process. He had leaked a few snippets, and confirmed the release date as 31 March 2012. It shows how he had felt about a previous girlfriend "Nina" which he had said on his vlog channel. "Superluv!"'s message was stated by Dawson to be "When the odds are against you, believe in yourself and you will find your inner superhero."

Music video

The video begins with Dawson's character Switch as a young boy (played by Steele Stebbins) carving into a tree at the park. Next to him is his friend and love interest, young Brenda (played by Julia Lane). She rubs a few abrasions on her arm, and tells him she hates her father. To comfort her, Switch gives Brenda a necklace he made himself. She hugs him and thanks him for the gift. As they hug, a teenager who is her future boyfriend appears and takes Brenda away from him.

The scene then cuts to a high school hallway, and older Brenda (Bree Essrig) is being dragged by her boyfriend in mirror to the previous scene. Switch's friendship with her has grown distant due to her relationship. However, she is clearly unhappy; her boyfriend constantly mistreats her and is slightly physical with her. When Switch sees her wearing the necklace he gave her, he fantasizes about being a superhero and fighting off her boyfriend and his friends. However, he knows that his Emo undertones makes him an easy target and he isn't as burly and tough as the other guys.

Switch and Brenda then appear at an outdoor cafeteria and the same thing occurs. He sees Brenda's boyfriend mistreat her, he imagines himself as a superhero and manages to knock her boyfriend off his feet so he can run to Brenda and sing to her, but her boyfriend comes up and beats up Switch and despite his friends' encouragement to fight back, he is knocked unconscious. A yellow Aston Martin car strolls around the school and Brenda is seen in the shotgun, visibly miserable. Switch then finds the confidence to take action so he runs in front of the car and pulls the boyfriend out, a crowd of his supporters gather to cheer him on (The group also includes the boyfriend's posse) as he beats him repeatedly. The boyfriend tries to fight back, but Switch punches him one last time, sending him flying through the air (and in front of a jet). He faces Brenda, who unmasks him, and the two levitate together as the crowd of teenagers (Including the posse) look on. The last scene shows Switch and Brenda in the park, laughing together. It is ambiguous if the confrontation actually happened or if it was a fantasy and Brenda was with Switch the entire time. The video ends with the two sharing a passionate kiss and the camera pans to a heart carved into a tree, as shown in the beginning of the video.

Track listing

Digital EP
  1. "Superluv!" - 4:14

Credits and personnel

Chart performance

Chart (2012) Peak
Ireland (IRMA)[2] 87
UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[3] 163
UK Indie (Official Charts Company)[4] 16


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