Super Sunday (TV series)

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Super Sunday (also called Super Saturday) was a 1980s animated television series produced by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions.


It was a half-hour block with four six-minute matinée segments of Jem, Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines, Robotix, and Inhumanoids. It aired on various television stations in syndication on Sunday mornings from October 6, 1985 to October 1986. In markets that the series aired on Saturday, the series was retitled Super Saturday.


Super Week

It aired originally as Super Week--this was a five-day tryout that featured the first five chapters of Robotix while beginning Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines at the tug of war.

The series were cycled through, and only two or three of the four different segments appeared in a given episode. It begin with Robotix and Bigfoot, then added Jem, then dropped Robotix for Inhumanoids then dropped Bigfoot after the rerun of the final segment (Bigfoot was significantly shorter than Robotix, which aired only once.)

Life after Super Sunday

Despite all four shorts being collected into stand-alone made-for-TV movies (as was done with previous Sunbow/Marvel collaborations G.I. Joe and Transformers), only Inhumanoids and Jem went on to be expanded into independent full-length shows. Jem was the most successful of the four shorts and still retains a dedicated and powerful fanbase over twenty years after its premiere. Inhumanoids had a far shorter lifespan, but is regarded as something of a cult classic today.

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