Network S4C
Launched 26 April 2010
Country of origin Wales
(programming within from various sources)
Format Children's Programming Block
Running time 2 hours

Stwnsh (English: Mash, Welsh pronunciation: [stʊnʃ]) is a strand of Welsh-language children's television programming, aimed at children between the ages of seven to thirteen. The Stwnsh service is broadcast by Welsh-language television channel S4C every weekday, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and Saturdays (as Stwnsh Sadwrn (English: Saturday Stwnsh)) from 9:00am to 11:00am.

This new service was first launched on Monday 26 April 2010. It replaced former Welsh-language children's service, Planed Plant (English: Children's Planet).


The programmes shown as part of this service, include; both, brand new programmes, and programmes that were previously shown as part of Planed Plant.

Programmes newly launched, as part of the new service, include:

Seren am Swper

Two families from the same area are challenged to prepare a special feast for a famous face in entertainment or sport. The children of the family decide the menu as the celebrities visit the two families before deciding which evening was the best. The winning family then receive the Gold Seren am Swper (English: Stars for Supper) Trophy, and the losing side put on their rubber gloves and wash the dirty dishes.

Hip neu Sgip?

Hip neu Sgip? (English: Hip or Skip?) is a children's room makeover series, presented by Alun Williams, along with designer, Leah Hughes, and her team of handymen - Iwan Llechid Owen, Gwyn Eiddior Parry and Ioan Marc Thomas. Starting as a simple makeover show hosted by Alex Jones, it later was rebranded as Hip neu Sgip?: Yn erbyn y Cloc (English: Hip or Skip?: Against the Clock), which showed the team facing a bigger task and against the clock, as the name suggests.

I'r Eithaf

(English: The Most) Stwnsh presenter Tudur Phillips volunteers to take part in a range of experiments in the extreme science lab – under the guidance of scientific experts.

Ti’n Gêm?

(English:Are you game?) The viewers are responsible for this sporting series, where different sports clubs in the limelight each week. Members of these clubs then offer training tips to those who want to learn about a new skill as well as putting different kinds of tools to the test – from Frisbees to surfboards.

Anifeiliad a Fi

(English:Animals and I) From mountain sheep to hamsters and goldfish, three children from the Bala, Aberystwyth and Swansea areas take a look at animals that live among them, in their areas. Each week the trio visit children who either keep pets or live on a farm. The series also follows children who compete with their animals, and pay a weekly visit to vet Kate Thomas at work in the Aberystwyth area.

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd

(English:Stwnsh on the Road) This series travels to schools all across Wales to give local children the chance to show their skills in interesting games, from; the silly and funny to the creative and imaginative after each game a kid from the losing team will be pied. The teachers act as the team mascots and one unlucky teacher ends the day in the Stwnsh ar y Ffordd tank where gunge is thrown in their faces. One series ended with the winning team deciding whether they would like to be gunged themselves or see their opponents gunged, in this series the kids got gunged but teachers still got messy in a separate game.

Stwnsh Sadwrn

Stars of Ant ac Al ar y Ffordd (English: Ant and Al on the Road), Anthony Evans, Alun Williams, host this Saturday morning, children's entertainment show, along with Stwnsh presenter Lois Cernyw. Each programme, contains two energetic hours full of comedy, interactivity, competitions, fun and mischief. This programme reaches anarchic and silly heights with the help of a team of young people, and celebrity, studio guests.

Other programmes

Other programmes broadcast, as part of the Stwnsh service, include; Ant ac Al ar y Ffordd (English: Ant and Al on the Road), Bwyd yn Barod! (English: Food Prepared!), Chwa! (English: Breath!), Dennis a Dannedd (English: Dennis and Gnasher), Diwedd y Byd (English: End of the World), Drewgi (English: Skunk), Y Fet a Fi (English: The Vet and Me), Ffit 100% (English: 100% Fit), Hafod Bedol (English: Horseshoe Farm), Jac Russell (English: Jack Russell), Milltir Sgwâr (English: Square Mile), Mosgito (English: Mosquito), Mwy o Stwnsh Sadwrn (English: More of Saturday Stwnsh), Pat a Stan (English: Pat and Stan), Peirianhygoel, Tair Slic (English: Slick Three), Teledu Eddie (English: Television Eddie), Twrw yn y Tŷ (English: Fight with the House), Y Sioe Wyllt (English: The Wild Show), Stwnsh Nôl ar y Ffordd (English: Stwnsh Back on the Road), Stwffio (English: Stuffed), and Ffeil (English: File).

The long running Welsh-language children's programme Uned 5 (English: Unit 5), was axed by S4C, to make way for the new Stwnsh service, but the final episode of Uned 5, was not broadcast until Sunday 30 May, just over a month after the launch of the Stwnsh service.


The Stwnsh service is presented by former Planed Plant presenters; Geraint Hardy, Lois Cernyw, and Tudur Phillips.

Three new presenters, have also been introduced, since the launch of this new service, these include Anni Llŷn, Eleri Griffiths, and Owain Gwynedd.

Alun Williams and Anthony Evans, are also well-known faces on Welsh-language children's television. Although the pair were credited as part of Criw Stwnsh (English: Stwnsh Crew), in the Spring 2010, issue of S4C's magazine Sgrîn (English: Screen), neither of them, actually present the daily Stwnsh links between programmes. They currently present Ant ac Al ar y Ffordd, which is broadcast as part of the Stwnsh service, and they also present Stwnsh Sadwrn, alongside Stwnsh presenter Lois Cernyw.


The Stwnsh website plays a key role in the service. The applications available on this website include; games, series information, and downloading. The website also offers viewers the chance to watch programmes from the Stwnsh service online, as part of S4C's Clic service.

The Stwnsh online service, is available in the languages of both Welsh and English. The Clic service website is available in the Welsh and English languages, and this website also offers viewers the opportunity to view subtitles in the medium of Welsh or English.

Episodes of Mosgito, are available to watch on BBC Cymru Wales' i-Player Cymraeg service, as well as on Clic.

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