Stripper's Union

Stripper's Union is a Canadian rock band consisting of Rob Baker (vocals, guitar), Craig Northey (vocals, guitar), Doug Elliott (bass guitar), Simon Kendall (piano), and Pat Steward (drums).

Northey, Elliott and Steward are all former members of Odds and Sharkskin. Kendall was formerly with Doug and the Slugs as well as Sharkskin. Baker is a member of The Tragically Hip.

In 2005, they released their debut album, Stripper's Union Local 518. It features songs recorded at The Bathouse Recording Studio in Bath, Ontario in December, 2004. The Kids in the Hall member Dave Foley is listed as a co-writer of the song, "Give Up and Go Away", originally written for his wife, Crissy.

In 2011, they released their second album, The Deuce.

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