Street Justice

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Street Justice

Street Justice Season One DVD Cover
Genre Crime drama
Created by David Levinson
Mark Lisson
David H. Balkan
Starring Carl Weathers
Bryan Genesse
Eric McCormack
Charlene Fernetz
Marcus Chong
Composer(s) Lawrence Shragge
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 43
Executive producer(s) Ann Donahue
Jonathan Glassner
David Levinson
Producer(s) N. John Smith
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 43-45 minutes
Production company(s) Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Original network Syndication
Audio format Stereo
Original release September 29, 1991 (1991-09-29) – May 29, 1993 (1993-05-29)

Street Justice is an American action crime drama series starring Carl Weathers and Bryan Genesse. The series began airing in syndication in 1991, and was canceled in 1993 after two seasons.


The series revolves around U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier-turned-metropolitan police detective, Adam Beaudreaux (Weathers) (b. 1948), and Grady Jameson (Genesse), a martial arts expert. As a child, Grady saved Adam's life when he was wounded in action during the Vietnam War. Grady's parents, who were Canadian missionaries, were killed when the Vietcong burned down their village. After the encounter they formed a bond and were together in Vietnam for 10 months until Adam was discharged from service. Adam promised Grady that he would come back for him. In 1972 Adam became a police officer and began a 20-year search for the boy who had saved his life. They were reunited when Grady found his way to the U.S. and showed up at Adam's place.

Adam puts Grady to work at the bar he owns with his friend, Malloy (Charlene Fernetz), the daughter of his deceased partner. Grady soon begins helping Adam on cases using the knowledge he picked up living on the streets along with his martial arts training.


Guest stars


Marcus Chong and Carrie-Anne Moss would reunite years later in The Matrix.


Season one

Ep # Title Airdate Summary
1 "Legacy: Part 1" September 29, 1991
"Legacy: Part 2" September 29, 1991 Series pilot. While protecting a hitman for a local crime boss, police detective Adam Beaudreaux hires a friend of his to track down Grady Jameson, who feels indebeted to for saving his life in Vietnam. But the two soon work together when it's revealed that killer was involved with the death of Grady's parents.
2 "Loyalties" October 5, 1991 Adam is asked to keep a friend's daughter out of a gang.
3 "Kid Stuff" October 12, 1991 Grady's girlfriend asks him to help kidnap get son from his abusive foster parents.
4 "Tables Turned" October 19, 1991 Adam agrees to help an attorney who got a rapist he arrest off when the man begins to stalk her.
5 "Shadows" October 26, 1991 Adam is placed in protective custody when two officers turn up dead.
6 "Sanctuary" November 2, 1991 Grady takes an abused young woman under his wing.
7 "The Group" November 9, 1991 The past comes back to haunt Adam when young Asian women are being murdered, and he believes it to be the work of new members of a group of Vietnam vets.
8 "Friendly Fire" November 16, 1991
9 "Self Defense" November 23, 1991
10 "Bashing" November 30, 1991
11 "Homecoming" January 11, 1992
12 "Parenthood" January 18, 1992
13 "Partner in Crime" January 25, 1992
14 "Protectors" February 1, 1992
15 "Backbeat" February 15, 1992
16 "Debt of Honor" February 22, 1992
17 "Bad Choices" February 29, 1992
18 "Eye Witness" April 25, 1992
19 "The Long Way Home" May 2, 1992
20 "Catcher" May 9, 1992
21 "Missing" May 16, 1992

Season two

Ep # Title Airdate
1 "Death Warmed Over" October 3, 1992
2 "Circle of Death" October 10, 1992
3 "Cross Fire" October 17, 1992
4 "Feet Of Clay" October 24, 1992
5 "Each One, Teach One" October 31, 1992
6 "Country Justice" November 7, 1992
7 "Back From The Dead Again" November 14, 1992
8 "Innocent Blood" November 21, 1992
9 "Angel Of Death" November 28, 1992
10 "Remember Me" January 9, 1993
11 "Black Or Blue" January 16, 1993
12 "Bitter Fruit" January 23, 1993
13 "A Sense Of Duty" January 30, 1993
14 "Obsession" February 6, 1993
15 "Honor And Trust" February 13, 1993
16 "On My Honor" February 20, 1993
17 "The Cost Of Peace" February 27, 1993
18 "Countdown" March 6, 1993
19 "Hello Again" May 8, 1993
20 "The Wall" May 15, 1993
21 "My Brother's Keeper" May 22, 1993
22 "Desperate" May 29, 1993

DVD releases

Visual Entertainment has released both seasons of Street Justice on DVD in Canada.[1][2]

On March 22, 2011, VEI released Street Justice: The Complete Series on DVD in Canada. The 10-disc boxset features all 43 episodes of the series.[3]

DVD name Ep # Release date
The Complete First Season 21 November 7, 2006
The Complete Second and Final Season 22 November 25, 2008
The Complete Series 43 March 22, 2011

Awards and nominations

Chicago International Film Festival


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