Steve Ressel

Steve Ressel
Born (1967-10-12) October 12, 1967
Delaware, United States
Residence North Dakota
Occupation Writer, director, producer, artist, animator, voice actor, musician
Notable work Rugrats
Wild Thornberries
God, The Devil and Bob
Rocket Power
Invader Zim
The Lost Boys
Awards 29th Annual Annie Award
2001 World Animation Celebration
Characters of "The Lost Boys".

Steve Ressel (born October 12, 1967) is an American animator, comic book artist, illustrator, producer, publisher, novelist, script writer, and director. Steve directed animated series such as Invader Zim, The Wild Thornberrys, Duckman, Stressed Eric, God, The Devil and Bob, Rugrats, and others. Ressel directed and produced the entire run of Invader Zim.

After Invader Zim he went on to develop his own ideas. "Trubble Bub", a CGI children's program focusing on problem solving and behavior, was animated as a pilot. It is currently scripted and designed for a direct-to-DVD project.

Writing and comics

He resides in Clifford, North Dakota, writing screenplays, novels, non-fictions, and his comic book, "The Lost Boys".

Steve is currently writing trance, pop, rock, ballads, and country music.[1]





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