Stephan Cohn-Vossen

Stephan Cohn-Vossen

in Moscow, probably 1936
Born (1902-05-28)May 28, 1902
Died June 25, 1936(1936-06-25) (aged 34)
Alma mater Wrocław University
Thesis Singuläre Punkte reeller, schlichter Kurvenscharen, deren Differentialgleichung gegeben ist (1924)
Doctoral advisor Adolf Kneser
Known for Cohn-Vossen's inequality

Stefan or Stephan Cohn-Vossen (28 May 1902 – 25 June 1936) was a mathematician, now best known for his collaboration with David Hilbert on the 1932 book Anschauliche Geometrie, translated into English as Geometry and the Imagination.[1] The Cohn-Vossen transformation is also named for him.[2]

He was born in Breslau (then a city in the German Empire; now Wrocław in Poland). He wrote a 1924 doctoral dissertation at the University of Breslau (now the University of Wrocław) under the supervision of Adolf Kneser.[3] He became a professor at the University of Cologne in 1930.

He was barred from lecturing in 1933 under Nazi racial legislation, because he was Jewish.[4] In 1934 he emigrated to the USSR, with some help from Herman Müntz.[5] While there, he taught at Leningrad University. He died in Moscow from pneumonia.[6]

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