State of Mind (Front Line Assembly album)

State of Mind
Studio album by Front Line Assembly
Released January 1988 (1988-01)[1]
Recorded August 1987 (1987-08)
Genre Industrial, electronic, dark ambient
Length 58:18
Label Dossier, ROIR, Third Mind, Cleopatra
Producer Michael Balch
Front Line Assembly chronology
The Initial Command
State of Mind
Alternative cover
Re-release (1996)
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State of Mind is an album by electro-industrial artists Front Line Assembly. It was originally released in 1988 by Dossier, on both Compact Disc and LP format. State of Mind was later released on Cleopatra Records with alternate artwork and a bonus track, "Inside Out".

Band leader Bill Leeb said about choosing the label Dossier: "We just did it because I liked a lot of the other artists on the label."[3]

Track listing

All tracks written by Bill Leeb.

1988 Release
1."First Reprisal"  5:21
2."Consequence"  5:36
3."Burnt Soul"  2:42
4."Testimony"  5:26
5."Landslide"  4:45
6."Terminal Power"  5:49
7."Malignant Fracture"  4:16
8."Eastern Voices"  5:27
9."Resistance"  4:31
10."Sustain Upright"  4:07
11."No Tomorrow"  5:06
12."And They Shall Bow"  4:45
1996 Re-release
1."Inside Out"  4:16
2."First Reprisal"  5:21
3."Consequence"  5:36
4."Burnt Soul"  2:42
5."Testimony"  5:26
6."Landslide"  4:45
7."Terminal Power"  5:49
8."Malignant Fracture"  4:16
9."Eastern Voices"  5:27
10."Resistance"  4:31
11."Sustain Upright"  4:07
12."No Tomorrow"  5:06
13."And They Shall Bow"  4:45


Front Line Assembly

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