Original author(s) Divide Frame[1]
Developer(s) Sony Creative Software
Operating system Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
Type Digital audio editor
License Proprietary
Website Sony SpectraLayers: Product page

Sony SpectraLayers is a digital audio editing software suite published by Sony Creative Software. It is designed for advanced audio spectrum editing, catering to professional and semi-professional users.


SpectraLayers is an advanced audio spectrum editor which allows extraction of sounds, audio restoration and creative sound design through the use of a spectral view. Its interface is similar to an image editor.[2]


SpectraLayers is an audio editor first developed by Divide Frame and published by Sony originally as SpectraLayers Pro in July 2012.[3] SpectraLayers Pro 2, released in July 2013, improved speed and added features like Spectral Casting/Molding, markers and metadata support, and non-linear scales.[2][4][5][6] The current version as of January 2015 is SpectraLayers Pro 3.[7]

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