Spacetoon (Pakistan)

Launched May 19, 2002 (2002-05-19)
Network Spacetoon
Owned by Weiss Bros. Pakistan
Slogan Young Future Channel
Country Pakistan
Language Arabic
Broadcast area Pakistan
Headquarters Karachi, Pakistan
Sister channel(s) Spacetoon
Space Power tv
Spacetoon English
Dish TV Channel 210
JadooTV Channel 93
Humax Channel 128

Spacetoon is a Pakistani, a unit of Spacetoon International which primarily shows children and animation programming. The channel officially launched on May 19, 2002. satellite television channel created by Weiss Bros.


The channel launched on May 19, 2002 as a separate feed dedicated for Pakistani viewers. Programs broadcast on this feed are almost identical to the programs broadcast on Spacetoon India, with the exception of a few shows. It has a translation in some areas. The channel is basically Middle East's Television a relay version of Spacetoon (India). The major differences between the Indian version and the Pakistan version are timings, advertisements and contest Programming of Planets.


Spacetoon International

Spacetoon International Spacetoon programming planet's also has a few international channels in India, Indonesia, France, United States, Australia and Iran.


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Spacetoon in March 27, 2000 Arabic television in Damascus and Dubai channel, this from show that specializes in animation and children programs planet Digimon, Beyblade Metal Fusion, The Mr. Men Show, Masha and the Bear, Little Charmers, Inazuma Eleven and Jewelpet: Magical Change (2016).

Spacetoon India

On 2000s, the channel SpaceToon India was launched by Spacetoon Pakistan and most "classic" cartoons were moved from Cartoon Network to the new channel, which initially broadcast from 12pm–11pm On 8 December 2009 programming Planet song's International.

Spacetoon Pakistan Programming

Sisters Channels

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