Southcott (band)

Origin Haverstraw, New York
Genres Rock
Pop punk
Years active 20012007, 2013present
Labels Less Avenged Records, Rock Out Records, Rust Records

Southcott was a five piece pop punk band from Haverstraw, NY formed in 2001.[1] The band's releases included the album Flee The Scene, on Less Avenged Records / Rust Records, which received national distribution through Universal Records.

Southcott formed when founding members Mike Bateman and John Damiano, recruited former Envy Of Your Friends member, Chris Pennings, as their bassist, who would eventually become their lead singer after Walsh's departure.[1] Their debut EP, The Lost Art of Saying Goodbye, was released in 2003 on New Jersey indie label Rock Out Records and contained the song "Absolut".

After touring across the United States and a few major lineup changes, they signed to Seattle’s Less Avenged Records in the July 2005, and eventually signed to the Cleveland-based Universal imprint, Rust Records, in December 2005.[1] Their full-length debut album, Flee The Scene, was a jointly released album between Rust and Less Avenged.

Through their run, they toured with bands such as All Time Low, Valencia, Coheed and Cambria, lux courageous, hit the lights, Just Surrender, The Movielife, Self Against City, Houston Calls, The Track Record, and Gym Class Heroes with several stints on the Vans Warped Tour.

The band broke up in the early weeks of 2007 after their bassist Michael J, Morina decided to resign, leaving other members to conclude the band. Despite the fact that the band's 2006 album Flee The Scene hinted toward a new record according to Chris Pennings and John Damiano, Flee The Scene would be their last release.

Since 2008 Jordan Eckes is in We Are the In Crowd

In January 2013 they announced they are writing new music and scheduling reunion shows.[2]





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