Sophia Grace & Rosie

Sophia Grace Brownlee
Born (2003-04-18) 18 April 2003[1]
Nationality British
Occupation Actress, singer, YouTuber
Years active 2011–present
Rosie McClelland
Born (2006-09-07) 7 September 2006[2]
Occupation Actress, singer
Years active 2011–present

Sophia Grace Brownlee (born 18 April 2003[1]) and her cousin Rosie McClelland (born 7 September 2006[2]), both from Essex, England, make up the duo Sophia Grace & Rosie. They quickly gained popularity, by making regular appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after posting a cover version of the Nicki Minaj song "Super Bass" that went viral on YouTube.[3] The video was originally posted on YouTube on 19 September 2011 and has gained more than 50 million views as of January 2016. Sophia Grace debuted music videos on her official YouTube Channel like her Billboard Hot 100 charting single "Best Friends" and "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun", which as of June 2016 has more than 118 million views. After signing a recording deal with Capitol Records France, she has released her third single "Girl In The Mirror" on iTunes on 9 June 2016 featuring Silentó and an accompanying music video to it, with an album due for release Autumn 2016.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

They were first invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2011, after DeGeneres saw their cover of the Nicki Minaj song "Super Bass", on YouTube. The then eight- and five-year-old girls became recurring cast members on the show. The girls eventually hosted their own segment, called "Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie". In the segment, the duo invites and interviews guests over tea, such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Hugh Grant, Julie Bowen, Harry Connick Jr, LL Cool J, Justin Bieber, and Reese Witherspoon.[4] The segment won Sophia Grace and Rosie the "Choice Webstar" at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. They have also been correspondents, during red carpet events, such as the Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, and the MTV Music Awards.

Other TV and film

They both appeared in two episodes of Sam & Cat, the third episode ("#TheBritBrats") and the eleventh episode ("#RevengeOfTheBritBrats").[5] In early August 2013, Sophia Grace's representatives announced that she had been cast as Little Red Riding Hood in the Disney movie adaption of Into The Woods.[6][7] The announcement of her casting, which was never confirmed by Disney, was criticized as "a stunt" and was met with concern due to her age and the sexual undertones present between Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.[8] On September 16, 2013, the website announced that the film had "kicked off production last week" with Broadway star Lilla Crawford playing "Little Red."[9] After the film's cast list was announced, Dominic Brownlee explained that his daughter had withdrawn from the movie, saying, "After careful consideration, we as parents felt, as rehearsals progressed, that she was too young for this part. It was a joint decision between us and the director and producer of Into The Woods, to withdraw Sophia Grace from the film".[10]

Sophia Grace went on to star in her own movie alongside Rosie, Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure. The film was a straight to DVD release, produced by Nickelodeon. It was released in May 2014. The film currently has no critic rating (and only one critic review shown) on Rotten Tomatoes,[11] It currently holds a 4.2/10 rating on IMDb,[12] and a number of sequels are reportedly in the pipeline. According to TMZ, Sophia Grace was paid around $50,000 for the film; a five picture deal signed by the cousins states that the older will earn $75,000 if a second and third installment are released, and $100,000 each for a possible fourth and fifth installment.[13]


The duo have published two illustrated story books. The first book, entitled Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie, was published 1 February 2013. It debuted at No. 2 on The New York Times Best Seller list of "Children's Picture Books", only outsold by Victoria Kann's Emeraldalicious (Pinkalicious).[14] The second book, Showtime with Sophia Grace & Rosie, was published on 25 March 2014, and also received commercial and critical success, like its predecessor. Both books were written by the girls and illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas. They were published by Orchard Books.

Singing dolls

In April 2014, Just Play launched a two-doll pack containing two dolls of both Sophia and Rosie. They were sold exclusively at Walmart stores for the first month, until made available at Claire's in May. Just Play teamed up with the girls to produce their own toy inspired by their love of dress-up, music, dolls and more. The dolls feature the two girls dressed in their trademark hot pink tutus and tiaras. Each doll is fully posable and comes with a matching microphone, ruffled socks, and shoes. The doll plays the real Sophia Grace singing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass", when you press the doll's belly.



Year Title Peak chart positions Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
2013 "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" N/A
2015 "Best Friends" 87[16][17]
  • Hi W. Jackson
  • Dominic Brownlee
  • Donald Sales
  • Da Beatfreakz
2016 "Girl In The Mirror" (featuring Silentó) 3:38


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