Birth name Richard Mowatt
Also known as Liquid State, Z2, 2nd Element
Origin Birmingham, United Kingdom
Genres Trance
Occupation(s) DJ, Producer, Remixer
Years active 1989–present
Labels Touchstone Recordings, Molecule, Pure Trance Recordings
Associated acts Young Parisians, Federation, Skyscraper, PureNRG

Richard Mowatt, commonly known by his stage name Solarstone (formerly spelled Solar Stone), is an English trance DJ and producer from Birmingham. The music project Solarstone was originally founded as a trio, and also used the pseudonyms Young Parisians, Liquid State and Z2. Over the years, Solarstone has developed a reputation for unfailingly keeping to the original and classic trance sound. He is considered to be a true veteran by fans in the trance music scene. Since 2012, Solarstone has been pushing forward a Pure Trance movement through tours where he aims to keep the trance genre true to his roots.[1]


The music project Solar Stone was founded in Birmingham in 1997 by Richard Mowatt, Andy Bury and Sam Tierney. Since 1994 the trio had been known as the Space Kittens. Sam Tierney left the group in 1997 owing to musical differences, and in 2006 Andy Bury also left, leaving Mowatt as the sole member.

Solarstone has had three major hit singles in the UK. The most successful was Seven Cities, which reached number 39 in 1999.[2] The song was one of the earliest and most famous examples of the Balearic trance genre, and has been re-released three times. The song has sold over 500,000 copies.[3]

In 2003 and 2004 Solarstone collaborated with Scott Bond, releasing the three singles "3rd Earth", "Naked Angel" and "Red Line Highway". The group's debut album, AnthologyOne, was released in 2006. In 2008, the second studio album, Rain Stars Eternal, was released.

Solarstone has also produced several remixes and collaborated with renowned trance artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Matt Darey, The Thrillseekers and Ferry Corsten.

In 2014, Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani began a collaboration project known as PureNRG. PureNRG have since released a number of singles, and perform live on stage regularly.


Together with the Trance DJ Robbie Nelson, since 2004 Rich Mowatt has produced the Solaris International Radio Show, which is distributed through various online channels. In the early years, the programme appeared irregularly and was a mix of interviews and new music, but since December 2006 (Episode 33) it has appeared as a weekly, two-hour podcast. It is hosted alternately by Nelson and Mowatt and includes new tracks and remixes, a half-hour guest DJ mix, and at least one classic trance track from the late 1990s or early 2000s. The music selection is increasingly influenced by members of the social network Solar, which was founded by Mowatt. The 250th episode was broadcast on 14 March 2011. Solaris International had its 466th and very last episode on 25 August 2015.

On 2 September 2015, Solarstone launched the very first episode of his new radio show Pure Trance Radio.


Studio Albums [4]

Year Name Release Date Notes
2006 Anthology One
2008 Rain Stars Eternal
2009 RSEmix
2010 Touchstone 08-2011
2012 Touchstone Remixed 01.2012
2012 Pure 21.05.2012
2017 TBA

Compilation Albums [5]

Year Name Release Date Notes
2001 Chilled Out Euphoria
2005 Destinations vol.1
2009 Electronic Architecture
2011 Electronic Architecture 2 04-2011
2011 EA2 - The Ambient Edition 08-2011
2012 Solarstone Presents Pure Trance Volume 1 19.11.2012 Mixed with Orkidea
2013 Solarstone Presents Pure Trance Volume 2 28.10.2013 Mixed with Giuseppe Ottaviani
2014 Electronic Architecture 3 27.07.2014
2014 Solarstone Presents Pure Trance Volume 3 27.10.2014 Mixed with Bryan Kearney
2015 Solarstone Presents Pure Trance Volume 4 20.11.2015 Mixed with Gai Barone
2016 Solarstone Presents Pure Trance Volume 5 28.10.2016 Mixed with Forerunners & Sneijder


Year Name Release Date Notes
1997 The Calling
1998 The Impressions (EP)
1999 Seven Cities
2001 Speak in Sympathy feat. Elizabeth Fields
2002 Solarcoaster/Greenlight
2003 Third Earth with Scott Bond
2003 Release/Destination
2004 Naked Angel with Scott Bond
2005 Red Line Highway with Scott Bond
2006 Eastern Sea
2006 Like a Waterfall feat. JES
2007 Late Summer Fields with Alucard
2007 The Calling 2007
2008 4Ever
2008 Hold My Breath with Mr. Sam & Andy Duguid
2008 Spectrum
2008 Rain Stars Eternal
2009 Later Summer Fields
2009 Part of Me feat. Elizabeth Fields
2009 Lunar Rings feat. Essence
2010 Slowmotion with Orkidea
2010 Electric Love feat. Bill McGruddy
2010 Touchstone
2010 Is There Anyone Out There? 01-2011 feat. Bill McGruddy
2011 Big Wheel 04-2011 Samples 'Buffy Sainte-Marie - Little Wheel Spin and Spin'
2011 Zeitgeist 08-2011 with Orkidea
2011 Breakaway (Remixes) 10-2011 feat. Alex Karweit
2012 The Spell 16-04-2012 feat. Clare Stagg
2012 Pure 28-05-2012
2012 Fireisland 16-07-2012 with Aly & Fila
2012 Falcons 10-09-2012 with Giuseppe Ottaviani
2013 Jewel 28-01-2013 feat. Clare Stagg
2013 Please 15-04-2013
2013 Love Theme from Blade Runner 23-09-2013
2013 Slowmotion II 30-09-2013 with Orkidea
2013 Lovers 09-12-2013 feat. Lemon
2013 Slowmotion III 23-06-2013 with Orkidea
2014 4Ever (Retouch) 15-09-2014
2015 Nothing But Chemistry Here 02-02-2015 includes vocal sample from Breaking Bad
2015 Shield Pt.1 27-04-2015
2015 Once 22-06-2015 feat. Iko
2015 Fata Morgana 27-04-2015 with Gai Barone
2016 Lost Hearts 25-04-2015
2016 Falling (Peter Steele Mantra Mix) 20-06-2016 feat. Marcella Woods
2016 Herald 05-09-2016
2016 Lifeline 14-11-2016 with Ferry Tayle



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