Soh Hang-suen

Soh Hang-suen
Chinese name 蘇杏璇
Chinese name 蘇杏璇 (traditional)
Chinese name 苏杏璇 (simplified)
Jyutping soh3 hang4 suen1 (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1951-10-10)10 October 1951
Crown Colony of Hong Kong
Died 12 June 2013(2013-06-12) (aged 61)
Hong Kong
Other name(s) So Hang-shuen
So Hung-shuen
Soh Hang-shuen
Soh Hung-shuen
So Hang-suen
Occupation Actress
Years active 1974 - 2002

Soh Hang-suen (10 October 1951 12 June 2013), (alternatively romanised as So Hung-shuen), was a Hong Kong actress.[1] Soh worked for TVB during its Golden Age, joining in 1974, and was most notable for her role in Looking Back in Anger. Soh ran her own vegetarian restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. She died on 12 June 2013, after complications arising from a stroke.[2]


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1974 Hong Kong 73 香港73 Tien Gi's Wife
Fun, Hong Kong Style 太平山下
Gossip Street 多咀街 Sissy So
Sorrow of the Gentry 朱門怨 Fong Mei
From the Underground 勾魂艷鬼
My Darling Love 啼笑夫妻
Everyday is Sunday 天天報喜
1976 Love Cross-Road 她的爸的媽媽的
1977 On Probation 出籠
The Discharged 出冊 Hui Chan
1978 Big Leap Forward 大躍進
1979 The Stowaways 偷渡來客
1980 One Step Ahead 兵來賊擋 Nun
A Gambler's Story 邪鬥串 Mrs Kwok
1981 Man on the Brink 邊緣人
To Sir with Troubles 交叉零蛋
1982 Teenage Dreamers 檸檬可樂 Ms Zeng
Brothers from Walled City 城寨出來者 Mei Ling's mother
Energetic 21 衝激21 Mann's aunt
1983 Superstar 天皇巨星
First Time 第一次 Foong's mother
Oh, My Cops! 摩登衙門 Aunt Kau
1984 Law with Two Phases 公僕 Police Madam
Destiny's Champion 拳擊小子 Nurse
1985 Chase a Fortune 吉人天相 Sunflower's mahjong friend
Puppy Love 鬥氣小神仙 Ching's mom
Heart of Dragon 龍的心 Cafe Owner's wife
1986 The Millionaires' Express 富貴列車 Fong Tin's mom
Sweet Sixteen 甜蜜十六歲 Principal
1987 Happy Bigamist 一屋兩妻 woman caning Hsin
That Enchanting Night 良青花奔月 Siu Fen's doctor mom
The Romancing Star 精裝追女仔 Tung Tung's mother
Flaming Brothers 江湖龍虎門 Nun
1989 Perfect Match 最佳男朋友 Mrs Lam
The Wild Ones 我未成年 Jane's mom
Crocodile Hunter 專釣大鱷 Happy Chiu's mother
1990 Bullet in the Head 喋血街頭 Jane’s Mother
1992 Once a Black Sheep 草莽英雌 Sister Maria
1994 From Zero to Hero 亂世超人
1995 Happy Hour 歡樂時光 Connie
2002 Inner Senses 異度空間 Siu-yu's mother
2011 Life Without Principle 奪命金 Cheng Siu-kun Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress
Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1976 Hotel 狂潮
1978 The Giants 強人
1979 The Twins 絕代雙驕 Yiu-yuet
The Passenger 抉擇
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 網中人
1980 Yesterday's Glitter 京華春夢
Five Easy Pieces 輪流傳
1983 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 射鵰英雄傳 Li Ping
1984 The Clones 再版人 Nurse Chen
The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 笑傲江湖
The Duke of Mount Deer 鹿鼎記 To Hung-ying
Police Cadet '84 新紮師兄
1985 Police Cadet '85 新紮師兄續集
Take Care, Your Highness! 皇上保重
1987 Police Cadet 1988 新紮師兄1988
1989 Looking Back in Anger 義不容情 Aunt Wan
1991 Drifters 怒海孤鴻
One Step Beyond 老友鬼鬼
1992 File of Justice 壹號皇庭 Lora
1993 File of Justice II 壹號皇庭II Lora
The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back 如來神掌再戰江湖 Abbess Kau-kuet
Top Cop 超能幹探SuperCop
1994 File of Justice III 壹號皇庭III Lora
1995 Detective Investigation Files 刑事偵緝檔案
The Criminal Investigator O記實錄 Ho Mei-ying
File of Justice IV 壹號皇庭IV
Detective Investigation Files II 刑事偵緝檔案II
2000 Showbiz Tycoon 影城大亨
A Dream Named Desire 美麗傳說
2010 The Men of Justice 法網群英 Laura


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