Sky Dancers

Not to be confused with Skydancer or airdancer.

Sky Dancers is the name of a line of toys and an animated show spin-off that were popular in the mid-1990s.[1] The toys were constructed of a pull-string base and a doll with foam wings. When the doll was inserted into the base and the string pulled, the doll would launch into the air, spinning its wings like a propeller as it flew.


Initially the toys were launched during the 1994 Christmas and holiday season and proved to be successful.

The toys were re-released in 2005 with an adapted design, manufactured by Play Along Toys. Galoob released a similar toyline aimed at boys called Dragon Flyz.


While the foam wings on the dolls provided a limited amount of safety, nonetheless, there were over 100 injuries reported. Galoob, the manufacturer of the toys, recalled them in June 2000 after less than six years on the market.[2]

Animated series

The toy series spawned an animated television spinoff produced by Abrams Gentile in association with Xilam and Gaumont Multimedia, Who created Dragon Flyz in 1996. The five characters were said to be students at the High Hope Dance Academy under the widowed Queen Skyla. Queen Skyla and her students defended her kingdom from Skyla's jealous brother-in-law Sky Clone, who sought revenge for his brother Skyler (Skyla's husband) being selected as king over him. Sky Clone had successfully killed Skyler but was unable to gain control of the Sky Swirl Stone that gave the Sky Dancers their powers.

Episode guide

# Title
101"The Sky's the Limit"
Skyla recruits the five top dancers at High Hope Dance Academy to become Sky Dancers and defend the Wingdom. Can they find their new powers in time?[3]
102"On Wings Of Song"
Sky Clone's imps steal a harp which gives flight to inhabitants of the Skyridium. Can the Sky Dancers brave the maze of the Nether World and retrieve the harp?[4]
103"Broken Stone"
Slam and Jade break the stone on Queen Skyla's glove, removing the Sky Dancers' ability to fly. Can they find a way to fix it before Sky Clone destroys the Wingdom?[5]
104"Getting the Story"
An obnoxious reporter with a crush on Breeze accidentally gets brought along to Sky Hive. Can the Sky Dancers save the day and keep their identities a secret?[6]
105"Lonely Heart"
When the Sky Dancers try to cheer Skyla on the anniversary of Skyler's death spin, Sky Clone absconds with Skyla and the Sky Swirl Stone to the Nether World. Can the Sky Dancers save Skyla when their right of flight is taken away?[7]
106"A Friend in High Places"
Sky Clone sends singing Horrorcanes to the Wingdom to disrupt the harmony. Can the Sky Dancers save the day when the Horrorcanes blow them back home?[8]
107"Dance Jade, Dance"
The Sky Dancers take lessons from Rudolph Fareev, who it turns out would rather insult them than teach them. Can the Sky Dancers uncover his motives in time to save a love-struck Jade and to foil Sky Clone's latest plan?[9]
108"Love Lost, Love Found"
Jade's long-estranged mother reenters her life the day before Skyla falls prey to Sky Clone's trap at a Skyridium harp performance. Can Jade overcome her turmoil and free Skyla and her friends?[10]
109"The Last Dance"
Sky Clone teams up with the shape-shifter Ghorr to destroy the Sky Dancers, who are in the Wingdom for Camille to teach her dance the "Minueasy" to Skyla's subjects. Will the Sky Dancers be able to stop this new adversary?[11]
110"Skyler vs. Skyler"
Sky Clone uses the power of science to make himself look and sound like King Skyler, but Angelica learns the truth. Can she convince the rest of the Wingdom despite being named a fugitive?[12]
111"Spread Your Wings"
When Angelica is injured on a skiing trip, she loses confidence in herself and decides to quit the Sky Dancers. Can the Tinker restore Angelica's confidence in time to help the now out numbered Sky Dancers fend off Sky Clone's latest attack?[13]
112"Time and Again"
The Sky Dancers fool around with the Sky Swirl Stone and accidentally transport themselves to the Wingdom's past, when Skyla, Skyler, and Sky Clone were teens. Will they be able to find a way back home?[14]
Angelica's all-night partying leads her to sleep through the imps turning all of the Wingdom's inhabitants, including Queen Skyla, to stone. Can she pull herself together to lead the Sky Dancers on a raid of the Nether World for the antidote?[15]
114"Blue Heaven"
Sky Clone makes use of an ancient prophecy to appear as Azure's heaven-sent leader, who the realm's inhabitants have expected for generations. Can the Sky Dancers figure out how Sky Clone managed to mimic the legend in time to save Skyla from her sudden strange illness and prevent a Wingdom-wide War? [16]
115"The Alliance"
None of the girls want to dance with Brandon, an arrogant student assigned to their group for the academy's final paired dance show. This leads to a massive fight between the girls just as the three Harpies of the Wingdom arise from their thousand year sleep to spread terror across the Sky Kingdom. Can the girls stop their fighting in time to save the day? [17]
116"Forever Love"
The Sky Dancers form a plan to bring King Skyler back. How much will this act cost them and the Wingdom?[18]
117"The Imp's Trap"
Slam and Camille give up their schooling for roles in a high budget, big name film. Meanwhile, the imps are left unsupervised, and Jumble goes mad with power. Can the Sky Dancer's best the now haywire Nether World with two fewer members?[19]
118"Long Live Sky Clone!"
Slam's ego threatens to break up the Sky Dancers, while Sky Clone's Maelstrom Mixture threatens to break up the Wingdom. Can blackmail finally give Sky Clone his ultimate dream of sitting beside Skyla on the throne?[20]
119"Where's My Body?"
Sky Clone creates a new invention that can make two people switch bodies. When the Sky Dancers scramble to protect Sky Hive, Sky Clone switches bodies with Slam. Can the Hero of Hip Hop convince his friends that he's not Sky Clone and get his own body back?[21]
120"The Moment of Truth"
The Baroness Skyvia's long-buried jealousy for Skyla resurfaces and leads her to hatch an assassination plot with Sky Clone. Will Skyla's trust in Skyvia be her undoing?[22]
Devastated by her latest break-up, Camille buries her sorrows in comfort food. In the Sky Realm, Sky Clone gets hold of Azure's Organ and puts it out of tune, allowing him to control the population. Can the now slightly out of shape Camille free them in time to prevent war?[23]
Breeze invites the Sky Dancers to his tribe's celebration in the desert. Angelica flirts her head off, but Breeze puts her off. Meanwhile, in the Sky Kingdom, the three imps disguise themselves and create havoc in each realm, leading each sky city to close its borders.[24]
123"Dark Star"
The Academy's Christmas show is delayed when Sky Clone attacks the Wingdom with the Sky Swirl Stone's legendary, malevolent counterpart. All the Sky Dancers are neutralized except Camille, whose disapproving parents are waiting at High Hope. Skyla eventually sneaks away from the school's audience to challenge Sky Clone to a duel, Stone against Stone, Good Vs Evil.[25]
124"Slam Bang"
Slam falls in with Brandon and aids him in wreaking havoc on the academy, leading to their expulsion. The Sky Dancers leave without Slam for the Wingdom, where Sky Clone manages to steal the Sky Swirl Stone. When Slam finds out that Brandon was paid by a rival academy headmaster bring him to their school, he races back to High Hope to try to help his friends.[26]
125"Treasure Cloud"
When High Hope Dance Academy is destroyed by a hurricane, Skyla has to find a way to pay for repairs. She brings the Sky Dancers to the Wingdom to retrieve money from the royal treasury, only to find that the Wingdom is broke. An ancient map leads them on a treasure hunt to find the funds they need, but Sky Clone is determined to beat them to the prize.[27]
126"The Purple Tide of Skyridium"
Sky Clone goes to Skyridium and forces the local population to build him an immense pyramid to replace the Den. The Sky Dancers and Skyla try to put a stop to Sky Clone, but he uses a terrifying new weapon against them - a giant purple Horrorcane exhaling poison gas! Additionally, Slam and Breeze get into an argument about using a field full of wildlife for a concert.[28]
127"The Operation"
During a performance at the High Hope Dance Academy, Angelica slips and hurts her knee badly. She undergoes emergency surgery but has to wait for the surgeon to know whether or not she will be able to dance again. The Sky Dancers take turns to remind her of past adventures to keep her spirits up.[29]


Other materials

Sky Dancers also generated a children's book series in 1997. The stories were, for the most part, not tied to the animated series. The art style mimicked the toy line's aesthetics.

A board game was also generated and appears to be based on promotional material for or at least earlier drafts of the animated series. Some of the art in the theme song is close to the art and characters that appear on the board game.

In 2005 a Sky Dancers game was released for the Game Boy Advance. It used some of the names from the animated series,


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