Simon Fellows

Simon Fellows is a film director.[1]


Jump: Gavin (John Thomson) is about to end it all from a Soho rooftop when he is challenged by some witnesses.

Blessed: A fertility clinic visit becomes an unfathomable nightmare for a woman (Heather Graham) who's impregnated with the devil's DNA.

7 Seconds: When an experienced thief (Wesley Snipes) accidentally makes off with a Van Gogh, his partner is kidnapped by gangsters in pursuit of the painting, forcing the criminal to hatch a rescue plan.

Second in Command: Jean-Claude Van Damme plays an official who has just been appointed as Second In Command to the U.S. Ambassador (Alan McKenna) at an American Embassy in a small, turbulent Eastern European nation. When local insurgents attempt a coup d'état, the nation's President (Serban Celea) takes refuge inside the embassy. The embassy is then besieged by the well-armed insurgents. The U.S. Ambassador is killed in the ensuing action, an now it's up to Van Damme and the embassy's small detachment of U.S. Marines to fend off the attackers

Until Death: Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a dirty cop who is hooked on heroin, and everyone dislikes him. Because of an accident he is put into a coma, and comes out of it a better person. He wakes up wanting to put things right.

Malice in Wonderland: A modern take on the classic fairytale, Alice in Wonderland, set in the North East of England.

The Task which is part of the After Dark Originals[2] and the shooting began in June 2010.[3] The film based on a screenplay by Dead Air Screenwriter Kenny Yakkel.[4]



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