Simcoe Rotary Friendship Festival

Simcoe Rotary Friendship Festival

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Genre summer friendship festival
Dates August 1-August 3 (2015)
Location(s) Simcoe, Ontario
Years active 48

The Simcoe Rotary Friendship Festival (formerly known as the Simcoe Friendship Festival) is the community's oldest summer event that takes place on the Civic Holiday weekend (first weekend in August) in the town of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada since 1967.[1][2]


Small trinkets and valuable goods are sold in a lively outdoor market that is open from sunrise to sunset in scenic Wellington Park.[2] Food items suitable for snacks and light meals are served in certain booths. Most of the items sold at the Friendship Festival are earrings, necklaces, dresses, and other items oriented towards a female demographic. Music by local artists are also demonstrated in special tents where the people have room to perform their musical artistry of all kinds of genres.[3] Dinners at the Friendship Festival consists of local perch, chicken and ribs.[4]

The cheerleaders from Simcoe Composite School are also involved in the summer event, giving away raffle tickets to support the local festivities like duck races and cow paddy bingo.[1] The Simcoe Reformer advertises this event throughout Norfolk County and Haldimand County just days prior to the event. The festival can be accessed quickly from the Queensway as well as through nearby residential roads.

As of September 2005, the Rotary Club of Simcoe is the title sponsor of the event.


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