Shrek (video game)


North American Xbox Cover Art
Developer(s) Digital Illusions CE
Publisher(s) TDK Mediactive
Director(s) Gary Corriveau
Designer(s) Gary Corriveau
Atman Binstock
Programmer(s) Atman Binstock
Artist(s) Denis Cawson
Composer(s) David Kerr
Platform(s) Xbox, GameCube
Release date(s)


  • NA: 14 November 2001


  • NA: 31 October 2002
  • EU: 24 October 2003
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player

Shrek is a 2001 video game, based on the first instalment in the popular film franchise Shrek. Shrek is one of 22 launch titles that were available the day of the Xbox's launch on 14 November 2001. The game is notable for the absence of Shrek's ally and best friend, Donkey.

A port of the game for the GameCube, entitled Shrek Extra Large, was released on 31 October 2002 in North America[1] and on 24 October 2003 in Europe.

The game was also noted for being one of the first commercial titles to make use of deferred shading,[2][3] a feature which was relatively uncommon in games until the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and Grand Theft Auto IV.


Shrek is based on the first installment of the popular movie franchise Shrek, but contains a completely different plot. Shrek is delivered a message by the infamous Magic Mirror that his wife Princess Fiona has been captured by an evil wizard, Merlin. Shrek must travel to Merlin's Dark Tower Fortress of Pure Evil, but an impassable fog has been laid across the Fairy Tale Lands. The fog and Merlin's Fortress can be passed through the completion of Good Deeds. The Magic Mirror gives Shrek a Book of Good Deeds and offers to teleport him to places where Good Deeds are required.


The player completes objectives ("Good Deeds"). In most objectives, the player hunts for an object and completes an action. Not many objectives vary from this, though a few will occasionally vary.


Review scores
Game Informer3/10[6]2/10[7]
Game RevolutionN/AD+[9]
Nintendo Power2.1/5[14]N/A
OXM (US)N/A5.3/10[15]
The Cincinnati EnquirerN/A[17]
Aggregate scores

Reviews of the game range from very mixed to negative. GameRankings and Metacritic gave it a score of 52% and 49 out of 100 for the Xbox version,[19][21] and 34% and 36 out of 100 for the GameCube version.[18][20]


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