Public company
Industry Online retail
Founded 2006
Founders Thierry Petit, David Dayan
Headquarters La Plaine Saint-Denis, France
  • Increase €442,8M (2015)
  • +27% vs 2014[1]
Number of employees
885 (2015)
Website is a French e-commerce company, specialised in online flash sales.

Founded in 2006, the website offers daily exclusive sales of famous brands, in France and in 8 other European countries. 10 years later, the group has become one of the biggest online retailers in Europe and has reached more than 26 million members.[2]

Since its beginning, the website's sales and revenue have increased steadily. In 2015, the net revenue of Showroomprivé reached €443M, with an average annual growth rate of 28%.[1] The company has a net revenue goal of €750M by 2018.[3]


Founders was launched in France in 2006 by Thierry Petit and David Dayan, two entrepreneurs with different backgrounds in fashion and in digital technology.

Thierry Petit graduated in engineering and has been a business angel for more than 20 years. He became recognised for creating the first price comparator in France,[4] and is now one of the most influential businessmen within the French digital sector. He is the Vice-President of the France Digitale association and continues to invest in new innovation projects.

David Dayan has been working in fashion retail since he was a teenager. He started in his family outlet business and became CEO of France Export,[5] before creating Showroomprivé with Thierry Petit.


In 2010, the American investment fund Accel Partners, specialised in digital companies, bought into the capital of Showroomprivé for €37M.[6]

On 29 October 2015, the company was listed on the Euronext stock market and rose €256M[7] through its IPO. Its market capitalisation reaches €665M at the end of 2015[8] at the end of 2015.

International expansion

In 2010, the company settled in Spain,[9] thus paving the way for major development in Europe. The group is now present in Italy (2011), in the UK (2011),[10] in the Netherlands (2012), in Portugal (2013), in Belgium (2013), in Poland (2013)[11] and in Germany (2015).[12]

The international markets represented 15% of the net internet revenues in 2015.[13]

In October 2016, Showroomprivé acquires Saldi Privati, the second actor in online private sales in Italy, for 28 million euros.[14]


Showroomprivé now counts more than 800 employees[15] in France and abroad:

The logistics are managed by Dispeo, Showroomprivé's partner since 2014. This platform can ship 200,000 orders each day. In 2015, 10 million parcels were dispatched for Showroomprivé. In the long term, this partnership is meant to create 400 jobs in the North of France.[16]

Look Forward

In June 2015, Showroomprivé launched its own fashion and innovation hub called LOOK FORWARD,[17] to encourage and promote innovative projects which change the production, distribution and consumption of fashion goods. This project accelerator helps entrepreneurs every year and participates in the creation of a wide digital/fashion ecosystem.

In February 2016, the incubator organised its first Fashion Tech Festival[18] in Paris on the future of fashion, where conferences, workshops and exhibitions took place. To close the first edition, a ceremony awarded innovative and promising entrepreneurs.


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