Parent company Hitotsubashi Group
Founded November 1970
Country of origin Japan
Headquarters location 〒101-8701
Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku
Jinbōchō 3-6-5
Key people Kazuyoshi Takeuchi (president)
Publication types Non-fiction, magazines, manga, fashion books and magazines, lifestyle
Official website

Shodensha (株式会社祥伝社 Kabushiki kaisha Shōdensha) is a Japanese publisher of mostly non-fiction magazines and books, though it has recently begun publishing light novels and manga, including magazines which contain both. Shodensha publishes magazines such as Feel Young (an all-manga magazine), Zipper (a fashion magazine aimed at junior high and high school girls), and Nina's (a fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at younger housewives).

Shodensha is a member of the keiretsu Hitotsubashi Group of publishing companies.


Shodensha was founded on 1970-11-05 by five people: Shōzō Sasabe (from Shogakukan), Isamu Kurosaki (from Kobunsha), Kōzaburō Iga, Hidenori Sakurai, and Toshio Fujioka.

The company was able to release a number of best selling titles which helped the company get off to a running start. They began their "Non-Novel" imprint in 1973, and their "Non-Pochette" imprint in 1975. In 2000, Shodensha created their Shodensha Gold imprint, and their most recent imprint, Shodensha Shinsho, was released in 2005.

Shodensha has also published a variety of magazines throughout the years, including Bishō (微笑) (a magazine which covers a wide range of women's issues, first published in 1996), Boon (a young street fashion magazine published from 1986–2008), Karada ni Ii Koto (からだにいいこと) (began publication in 2004), as well as the previously mentioned Feel Young, Zipper, and Nina's.


Official Shodensha website (Japanese)

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