Shaolin Popey

Shaolin Popey
Simplified 笑林小子
Directed by Chu Yen-ping (朱延平)
Written by Din Ya Min(丁亚民)
Release dates
  • 21 July 1994 (1994-07-21)
Country Taiwan
Language Mandarin

Shaolin Popey (笑林小子) is a 1994 Taiwanese kung fu comedy film directed by a Chu Yen-ping.[1] The movie premiere was on 21 July 1994. It is starred Lin Zhiying, Xu Ruoxuan, Hao Shaowen, Shi Xiaolong, and Zhang Zhenyue. Lin Zhiying and Zhang Zhenyue also sang. The movie tells a story that a young boy helps his older brother to win the love of a girl. It is a youth comedy. The hero celebrity is Lin Zhiying, little comedian Jimmy Hao Shao Wen, the mainland kung fu boy Shi Xiaolong. Singer Zhang Zhenyue and Taiwan's new pure girl Xu Ruoxuan have become big highlights of the film, and the performance of Hong Kong stars Xu Haoying, Yuan Qiong Dan, Qin Pei can not be ignored. The movie itself has two related movie spin-offs, Messy Temple (笑林小子2之新烏龍院) and Super Mischieves (新烏龍院2之無敵反鬥星).


Pi Shao Ting (also 四毛) is the son of a director. He is a student in Hong Kong High School. He falls in love with principal's granddaughter Anne, which makes her boyfriend Tie Ying angry. He often bullies Pi Shao Ting. Thus, Pi Shao Ting determines to date Anne in order to provoke him. However, Tie Ying has the right to punish every student. Later, Pi Shao Ting's father is required to travel to the Mainland with his wife and children (including Pi Shao Ting) due to work commitments as a director. There Pi Shaoting meets Shaolin kid, and is trained to learn Martial arts in the Shaolin Temple. Having returned to Hong Kong, one day he goes to the principal's office. He happens to hear a dialogue about conspiracy between the father and his son. Afterwards, the principal sees through their trick and withdraws his duties. However, dismissed as principal, he plans to kidnap Anne to force the principal to give up his power. With the help of Shaolin kid and Pi Shao Ting, Anne and his grandfather get out of danger. Pi Shao Ting, for a long time, thinks that he loves Anne. At last, he realizes that the girl he really loves is Zhen Zhu (珍珠), the girl who is always accompanying him.



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