Shōnen Onmyōji

Shōnen Onmyōji

Cover of the light novel Shōnen Onmyōji, volume 1
(Shōnen Onmyōji)
Genre Fantasy, Historical, Supernatural, Comedy, Romance
Light novel
Written by Mitsuru Yūki
Illustrated by Sakura Asagi
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Female
Imprint Kadokawa Beans Bunko
Original run 2001 – present
Volumes 47 (Including short stories and side story)
Written by Hinoko Seta
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Monthly Asuka
Original run August 24, 2005 – present
Volumes 1
Anime television series
Directed by Kunihiro Mori
Studio Studio Deen
Licensed by
Network Kansai TV
Original run October 3, 2006 March 13, 2007
Episodes 26

Shōnen Onmyōji (少年陰陽師) is a Japanese light novel authored by Mitsuru Yūki and illustrated by Sakura Asagi. The novel is serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's The Beans. The light novel has 47 volumes, including three short stories and a side story. A manga acting as a gaiden is being serialized in Beans Ace.

There is also a series of drama CDs, a PlayStation 2 game and a manga adaptation that was announced in 2005 and a musical as well. Moreover, it was announced in August 2006 in Newtype that the anime adaptation would be animated by Studio Deen and the character design was to be done by Shinobu Tagashira. It began its broadcast on October 3, 2006.

The anime premiered on Animax under the title, Shōnen Onmyoji: The Young Spirit Master. It was aired across its respective networks worldwide, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, with translations and dubbed versions for English language networks in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and other regions.

The anime was licensed for North American distribution by Geneon Entertainment. However, only three volumes of the series have been released, and have yet to receive a full release due to Geneon's departure from the American market. On July 3, 2008, Funimation announced that it had struck a deal with Geneon to distribute and release several of their licenses, including Shōnen Onmyōji.[1]


The protagonist of the series, which is set in the Heian era, is Abe no Masahiro, the grandson of the great onmyōji, Abe no Seimei, who passed his teachings on to his grandson. Unfortunately, Masahiro has lost his sixth sense and with it the ability to see spirits. Masahiro constantly feels overshadowed by his grandfather's fame.

One day, Masahiro meets a fox-like creature which he names Mokkun (もっくん) who shows him his true potential powers after fighting a demon. Mokkun is actually Tōda (騰蛇), see Teng (mythology), who prefers to be called Guren. He is one of the twelve shikigami called the Shinshō (神将), who has pledged his loyalty to Seimei and is helping Masahiro to surpass his grandfather.

Masahiro's dream to surpass his grandfather will not be realised as easily as he hopes. Not only does he have to convince the other Shinshō that he is Seimei's true successor, he must also increase his power in order to stop demons coming from China, the other parts of Japan and the Underworld. In addition to this he has to deal with the schemes of rival onmyōji who want to destroy Japan not to mention keeping his promise to protect Princess Akiko of the Fujiwara clan.

Story arcs

In the novels, there’re already 9 story arcs. However, the anime only covered two arcs, the Kyūki and Kazane arc.

Kyūki arc

Kyūki Hen (窮奇編)

The Kyūki arc starts from episode 1 to 12 in the anime and volume 1 to 3 in the novel. Kyūki, a winged tiger from the West or to be precise, China has been forced to evacuate after being defeated by another demon.

He arrives in Japan and plans to eat Fujiwara no Akiko to replenish his spirit powers and heal his wounds. With him are an army of foreign demons, all unknown to the inexperienced and apprentice onmyōji Masahiro who has started to use his skills.

Kazane arc

Kazane Hen (風音編)

The Kazane arc starts from episode 13 to 26 in the anime and volume 4 to 8 in the novel.

A vengeful spirit has been summoned and has cursed Yukinari of the Fujiwara clan. A mysterious woman appears and tries to take Seimei's life.

Someone is trying to open the gate to the underworld, events from fifty-five years ago reoccur, and Guren as well as Masahiro must undergo the ultimate test.

Main characters

Abe no Masahiro

(安倍昌浩) Voiced by: Yuki Kaida (Japanese); Candice Moore (English)

Masahiro is an onmyōji in training and the grandson of the legendary Abe no Seimei. When he was young, his spiritual sight was so strong that Seimei temporarily sealed it away until he was old enough to properly use it. After meeting Mokkun, Masahiro regained his spirit sight and embraced his destiny as an onmyōji in service to the emperor.

He is friendly and kind to both yōkai and people whom he seeks to protect from evil demons that had taken up residence surrounding the imperial capital.

He also has a relationship with Akiko.

Abe no Masahiro (left) and Guren (right)


(もっくん), (紅蓮) Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi (Guren), Junko Noda (Mokkun) (Japanese); Chris Carroll (Guen), Andrea Kwan (Mokkun) (English)

Guren is one of twelve shikigami in service to Seimei, who gave him his current name, after he pledged his servitude. His original name is Tōda (騰蛇). However, the other shikigami still address him by original name. Only Seimei and Masahiro call him Guren.

The form he takes most of the time is a mononoke, whom Masahiro named Mokkun. Because he's invisible to anyone without a spirit sense, Mokkun frequently plays tricks on people who annoy him, much to Masahiro's chagrin. In episode 18 of the anime, it was shown that Guren tries very hard to avoid children, goings as far as to avoid entering dwellings with children even when his help is needed. According to Guren, the reason behind this is that children cry for no reason. Masahiro later notes that Guren's apprehension does not stem from the crying itself, but that Guren does not want the children to "cry at him" demonstrating that he fears being by loathed by everyone.

Masahiro later tries to comfort him by showing him that children are not afraid of him.

Abe no Seimei

(安倍晴明) Voiced by: Mugihito (old), Akira Ishida (young) (Japanese); William Gary Ladick (English)

The greatest onmyōji in the history of Japan Abe no Seimei is the grandfather of Masahiro. He has twelve shikigami called the Shinshō under his command and is able to project his soul, which takes the form of his younger self, outside of his body in order to aid Masahiro in combat.


Opening theme

Egao no Wake (笑顔の訳 The Meaning of Your Smile)

Ending themes

Yakusoku (約束 Promise)

Rokutōsei (六等星 Sixth-Magnitude Star)


# Title Original air date
1 "This Boy, Seimei's Successor"
"Kono shōnen, Seimei no koukei ni tsuki" (この少年、晴明の後継につき) 
October 3, 2006
At a first glance, Abe no Masahiro does not seem to have any talent. He tries hard at everything, but never succeeds at anything. However, things are about to change when Masahiro meets up with a mysterious mononoke. The mononoke claims that he can help Masahiro achieve his dream: to become an Onmyouji. But is there any hope left for Masahiro? 
2 "When the Imperial Palace Burned"
"Oumagadoki ni dairi moyu" (逢魔(おうま)が時(どき)に内裏(だいり)燃ゆ) 
October 10, 2006
Masahiro is now officially an onmyouji-in-training. In celebration, his father takes him to visit head of the important Fujiwara clan. While there visiting the Fujiwara clan’s castle, he meets the princess, Akiko, who can oddly enough see spirits. However, the castle later on bursts into flames and Akiko is attacked by a spirit, forcing Masahiro to defend her. 
3 "Listen To The Voice When Afraid Of The Dark"
"Yami ni obieru koe o kike" (闇に怯える声をきけ) 
October 17, 2006
While everyone is patching up things from the fire that took place at the Omou dorms, Masahiro and Guren/Mokkun try to unravel the mystery surrounding the occurrences of that day. 
4 "Search For The Shadow Of The Foreign Country"
"Ihou no kage o sagashidase" (異邦の影を探しだせ) 
October 24, 2006
Mokkun and Masahiro are still pondering about the ox demon that attacked them last night. After all, neither Masahiro nor Mokkun recognize that demon as one of the local troublemakers. However, they both know one important detail: the last demon has a ‘master’ of great strength. Who is that master? 
5 "Forcing Back the Ferocious Monsters"
"Takeru youi o shirizokero" (猛る妖異を退けろ) 
October 31, 2006
Masahiro and Mokkun go in search of the ‘master’ of all the western demons that have been attacking them. However, the trail leads them to what appears to be an abandoned farm. There, they are attacked by a swarm of foreign demons who want to offer Masahiro to their master. But when the master finally comes to claim his prize, Masahiro might have gotten more than he had expected… 
6 "Catching the Signs that Appear in the Dead of the Night"
"Yain ni ukabu kizashi o tsukame" (夜陰に浮かぶ兆しを掴め) 
November 7, 2006
The battle between Kyuuki, a powerful demon originated from the west, has ended. And things are back to normal; or at least, they would be if they actually defeated the beast. Masahiro and Guren are still searching for answers, with no luck– It seems that the demon’s aura has completely vanished and cannot be traced. 
7 "The Hatred of the Woman Controlled by the Enemy"
"Kanata ni taguru onna no omoi" (彼方に手繰る女の念(おも)い) 
November 14, 2006
One night, Akiko is called by a familiar voice. It turns out to be her cousin, Keiko. Keiko attempts to lure Akiko out of the palace and Seimei’s demon-repelling barrier, but Akiko notices that there’s something wrong with Keiko. The next day, she gets Masahiro to investigate what’s wrong with her cousin, who is supposed to be in bed sick. 
8 "Dispelling the Hatred that Reverberated at Kifune"
"Kifune ni hibiku ensa o tomero" (貴船に響く怨磋を止めろ) 
November 21, 2006
Akiko has been kidnapped by her possessed distant relative, Keiko and taken to the Kifune shrine. And that’s exactly where Masahiro and Mokkun are headed. 
9 "Shattering the Binding of the Curse of Darkness"
"Yami no jubaku o uchikudake" (闇の呪縛を打ち砕け) 
November 28, 2006
In an attempt to rescue Akiko, Masahiro, Guren, and the other shikigami take on the hawk demons Gaku and Shun. Seiiryu still does not accept Masahiro as Seimei’s heir and thus tries to keep him out of the battle, much to Masahiro’s annoyance. 
10 "A Voice in Response to a Faint Wish"
"Awaki negai ni irae no koe wo" (淡き願いに応(いら)えの声を) 
December 5, 2006
Masahiro is back in bed, resting. Mokkun, however, is still worried over the events back at Kifune Mountain. Suddenly, Masahiro awakens his body now a pure white color. It turns out dragon of Kifune has possessed Masahiro in order to both heal and warn Mokkun of an upcoming danger. What can it be?Meanwhile, Akiko is still getting bothered by haunting voices. She reports this to Seimei, who diagnoses it as a curse inflicted by the demons that the dragon god had killed last night. He decides to transfer it to himself in order to deter Akiko from the pain, but Masahiro has a surprising request for his grandfather. 
11 "Hold the Symbol of the Vow Close to Heart"
"Chikai no shirushi o mune ni dake" (誓いの刻印(しるし)を胸に抱け) 
December 12, 2006
12 "Penetrate the Mirror Cage"
"Kagami no ori o tsukiyabure" (鏡の檻をつき破れ) 
December 19, 2006
With the help of Guren, Rikugou, and Seiryuu finally put an end to Kyuuki. But what about Akiko? Will Masahiro have to say farewell to the girl that he loves? 
13 "The Catastrophic Song Brought by the Whirlwind"
"Tsujikaze ga hakobu magauta" (辻風が運ぶ禍歌) 
December 26, 2006
Akiko moves in with Masahiro and Seimei together with her mother. Then later, an evil spirit is planning to get revenge on the man he hates so Masahiro and Mokkun will have to find out who's the man that the evil spirit's after. 
14 "It is Like the Full Moon to Wane"
"Michita tsuki ga kakeru ga gotoku" (満ちた月が欠けるが如く) 
January 2, 2007
An evil spirit named Moronao is going after Fujiwara no Yukinari thinking that he's the one who exiled him and engulfs him in an evil aura. Masahiro and Mokkun goes to visit Yukinari after he finishes his work. Meanwhile, Akiko and her mom went shopping and be back soon while Rikugo follows them just to be sure that the girls are safe. Rikugo was impressed that Akiko managed to see him and noticed an unfamiliar face. Masahiro and Mokkun noticed the evil aura around Yukinari's house and goes to investigate. After Yukinari's awake, he gives Masahiro an advice about Toshitsugu and Masahiro agrees that he will be a better onmyouji. Then, Moronao appears again and Toshitsugu tries to exorcise the evil spirit but failed. The next day, a possessed Toshitsugu attacks Masahiro and Mokkun and vanished after he took the cursed jewel from the forbidden repository. Yukinari's condition got worse and Masahiro goes to help Yukinari and managed to lift the evil aura. Masahiro and Mokkun leaves the house and they have to figure out how to remove the curse on Yukinari and Mokkun decides to help him. 
15 "Release the Catastrophic Chains"
"Magatsu kusari o tokihanate" (禍つ鎖を解き放て) 
January 9, 2007
It is revealed that Moronao has mistaken Yukinari for his grandfather, Fujiwara no Koretada, and seeks to carry out revenge against Yukinari’s grandfather (who’s already dead) for tricking him and causing his exilement. Masahiro tricks Moronao into a barrer and was about to perform an exorcism when spirits are brought to life by the mysterious woman who had released Moronao from his grave. Who is this woman and will Masahiro, his grandfather, and the 12 Shinshou be able to stop the spirit rising and this woman, while taking care of Moronao before he finishes off Yukinari? 
16 "The Old Shadow Wanders in the Night"
"Furuki kage wa yoru ni mayoi" (古き影は夜に迷い) 
January 16, 2007
The mysterious woman is revealed to be Kazane. During the conversation with the Kifune Dragon God who possessed Masahiro, Akiko enters unexpectedly then the Dragon God leaves afterwards. When Masahiro and Mokkun were patrolling they notice a spirit boarder guard wondering around and they follow him. While tailing the guard, a massed demon is pursuing him but Toshitsugu managed to attract its attention. In order for Masahiro to avoid revealing his secret to Toshitsugu, he loans Rikugo's cloak to cover his face and Masahiro, Guren, and Rikugo managed to defeat it and retreats after a misunderstanding from Toshitsugu. Later that night, Rikugo tells Seimei and Mokkun that Kazane is working with an evil master named Ryuusai. Masahiro awakes from a dream and Akiko noticed the spirit boarder guard(whom he saves it from Toshitsugu's attack) that was inside him. While Kazane is fighting a demon, Masahiro defeats it and Kazane was shocked to see him alive(after she failed to drowned him in a pond 10 years ago) then attempts to kill him again but Mokkun(Touda) stops her and she flees and Toshitsugu almost reveals Masahiro's secret. At the Abe no house, Seimei is going to have a talk with Mokkun(Touda) revealing that he's the shikigami who's being hated the most. 
17 "Sleep Embraced by the Snow"
"Rikka ni idakarete nemure" (六花に抱(いだ)かれて眠れ) 
January 23, 2007
18 "That Reason is Not Known by Anyone"
"Sono riyuu wa dare shirazu" (その理由は誰知らず) 
January 30, 2007
Masahiro was sent on an errand by Head Master Abe to check on Narichika the youngest calendar master while Seimei's familiars discuss this about him with Akiko. That night, an evil demon attacks Narichika's house and Masahiro goes to assist but Mokkun doesn't want to go there, and the demon flees afterwards. After a conversation with his brother, Masahiro noticed Mokkun acting strange. Narichika's daughter Kohime was targeted by demons and the reason why Mokkun refused to go there because the children(even Narichika's Kohime) feared him except Masahiro(as a child). Seimei tells Masahiro to exorcise the monkey demon but is unsure if he can do it without Mokkun so Rikugo and Kouchin assist him. Then, the monkey demon attacks again, and brought monkey reinforcements with him and managed to destroy the barrier and steals Kohime, but drops her and got defeated by Guren. After the battle, Mokkun got humiliated when Masahiro wants him to admit that he likes Kohime who doesn't fear him anymore and the other Shinsho joined him eating Narichika's rice balls. 
19 "When the North Star is Clouded"
"Hokushin ni kageri sasu toki" (北辰に翳りさす時) 
February 6, 2007
After a preview of Kazane's past, Masahiro and Mokkun sets off. In the dorms, everyone including Toshitsugu feels ill and Toshitsugu tells Masahiro to be careful not to let his guard down. Later that night, Kazane infiltrates the temple and Ryuusai tells her to open the door to the underworld and Kazane's determined to get her revenge on Seimei. Meanwhile, Masahiro woke up from a nightmare and asks Mokkun why he takes the form of a mononoke, which Mokkun explains he likes it to be like a pet. Next day, Masahiro goes to work and then later, detects an evil spirit. Seimei sent his 3 Shinsho to investigate the evil source and Masahiro and Mokkun joins them. They encountered the demon including Kazane and Rikugo goes after her, but the demon flees and Ryuusai appears in front of the Shinsho. Then, the emperor got cursed and Akiko got affected and the mysterious man is trying to claim the throne as his. 
20 "Chase the Wind That Invites the Underworld"
"Yomi ni izanau kaze o oe" (黄泉に誘(いざな)う風を追え) 
February 13, 2007
Seimei woke up from a dream about Ryuusai & Wakana while Masahiro takes care of Akiko who tells him to check on Shoko and Masahiro goes to see her tomorrow. The next day, Mokkun becomes confused of the 2 sisters: Shoko and Akiko because they're look-a-likes and discuss this to Masahiro on the way while Yukinari tells his soldiers to go on guard. Meanwhile, Seimei investigates around the emperor's palace and feared that he's been watched, he meets Kazane and immediately snaps when Seimei called Ryuusai his friend. Suddenly, the miasma comes out from the underworld and Kazane took the emperor's princess Nagako with her but the miasma was stopped by Genbu. After Seimei tells his past story to Masahiro and also how Guren was struck by the Soul Binding Spell from Ryuusai, Masahiro goes to rescue Nagaku with help from the Shinsho. Kazane reveals to be Ryuusai's daughter and Guren the one being used to kill Ryuusai. 
21 "Let the Bonds Hold in the Fires of Sin"
"Tsumi no honoo ni kizuna tae" (罪の焔に絆絶え) 
February 20, 2007
Masahiro, Guren, and the 3 Shinsho are trapped in the underworld. Due to a huge suffering in Nagako's heart, Masahiro tells Genbu to create a mirror to see her mother which she explains that she didn't want to leave her daughter and Nagako agrees to go home. Then, Masahiro and the 3 Shinsho struggle to deal with a demon due to regeneration from the miasma until defeated by Guren. All of a sudden, Guren attacks Masahiro because Kazane removed the seal on his head(earlier on) and also the one who put the Soul Binding Spell on him, so Rikugo battles Guren(Touda). Just when things are about to get worse for Rikugo and Kazane, Seimei appears just in time and battles Touda while his Shinsho tends to Masahiro's wounds and Tenistsu heals him by transferring his injuries to her. Then, the crow reveals to be Chishiki no Guji the one who kills Ryuusai and cursed the emperor then uses Touda to attack Seimei and his Shinsho. 
22 "Everything for the Priestess"
"Subete wa miko no on tameni" (すべては巫女の御為に) 
February 27, 2007
The battle between Touda and Seimei continues as Seimei and his Shinsho struggled to fend off Touda's multi-attack. Meanwhile, Takao's minion felt Kazane's spiritual power then goes to the underworld revealing to be Chigaeshi no Miko's daughter. Seimei and his Shinsho got teleported back to the real world by Takaokami and she and her minion discuss the matter to Seimei about Guji's plot including the 2 worlds. After the discussion, Seimei agrees to help Takao and later at Abe no Seimei's place, The Shinsho decides to get Touda back or die trying. 
23 "The Flame of Kagutsuchi Shines Majestically"
"Kagutsuchi no honoo wa ogosoka ni" (軻遇突智の焔は厳かに) 
March 6, 2007
Despite not fully healed yet, Masahiro goes out at night to Kifune via Kuromanosuke to meet Dragon God Takaokami and she tells him that Touda's been used by Guji and Masahiro asked if there's a way to save him but there isn't. Takaokami explains that Shikigami are born from human desires so if Masahiro doesn't save Touda, he'll forget about him and turned into a different form. Kochin appears just as Masahiro passed out and she took Masahiro back to the house. The next day, Masahiro goes out to work and Toshitsugu tells him to rest and takes his place. Meanwhile at Yukinari's place, Masahiro's not sure if killing Touda can solve everything and leaves afterwards then asks Rikugo and Tai'in if Tennitsu is okay from her injuries but they said she'll be alright. Back at Kifune, Masahiro decides to lent Takaokami's power: "The Flame of Kagutsuchi" but needs Suzaku's soul to control its power. Later, Masahiro and Toshitsugu goes to Izumo and leaves Akiko's charm with her. 
24 "Winds of Twilight, Eyes of Daybreak"
"Tasogare no kaze, Akatsuki no hitomi" (黄昏の風、暁の瞳) 
March 13, 2007
Masahiro and the Shinsho arrived at Izumo and goes to find the cave to the dead world. Meanwhile, Kazane awakes and saw Kai alive and talking so the 2 of them go to where her mom was sealed by Guji. Then, Guji explains that he transfers his soul to Ryuusai who was killed by Touda and then uses Kazane's power to open the gate to the dead world. Kai managed to teleport Kazane somewhere at the cost of his life, as when she was about to get eaten by demons, Masahiro and the Shinsho saves her and Rikugo tells Kazane his real name is Saiki then she dies. Masahiro, Seimei, and the Shinsho goes to the entrance then prepare to battle Guji(in Ryuusai's body) and the demons. 
25 "A Dance of Junipers in a Whirl of Misfortune"
"Magaki no uzu ni ibuki mau" (禍気の渦に伊吹舞う) 
March 20, 2007
Seimei and his Shinsho act as a distraction to allow Masahiro to go after Touda with Seryuu and Kochin assisting him. Meanwhile, Touda reaches the last Seal and attempts to remove it, while on the battlefield, Seimei tells his Shikigami to stop the demons while he battles Guji alone. Luckily, Rikugo arrives to help Seimei and teamed up with him to fight against Guji and managed to defeat him along with his demons allowing Ryuusai to R.I.P while Tai'in tells Seimei and the others that she found Miko(Kazane's mom) and Seimei frees her. Masahiro, Seryuu and Kochin arrived at the last seal with Masahiro holding Kagutsuchi while Touda is dealing with the last seal guardian. 
26 "Sharpen the Sword of Flame"
"Honoo no yaiba o togi sumase" (焔の刃を研ぎ澄ませ) 
March 27, 2007
Masahiro used Kagutsuchi to block Touda's attacks then stabs him, reverting to Mokkun. Then, Masahiro revives Mokkun by sacrificing his life for him and he faints. Meanwhile, Akiko prays for Masahiro while Masahiro is in a dream attempting to cross the river and meets Wakana. When Masahiro was surprised to see Akiko's charm with him which he thought he left it with her, Wakana explains that is the thing of someone who worries about someone they love then she leaves afterwards. In the real world, Masahiro and Mokkun woke up and everyone is relieved while Rikugo treasures Kazane's pendant. Later on, Touda is confused why he is in a mononoke form which Ko expains that it's Seimei's direct orders and it's a bittersweet ending since Masahiro says that it's painful to lose someone at a cost of one's life. 

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