Sehnsucht (Schiller album)

Box set by Schiller
Released February 22, 2008 (2008-02-22)
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop, electronic
Length 215:48
Label Island
Producer Christopher von Deylen
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Sehnsucht Live

Sehnsucht (UK: Desire) is the fiftth studio album by the electronic project Schiller undertaken by German musician, composer and producer Christopher Von Deylen. The album was released on February 22, 2008.[1] The album features collaboration with several established artists like Xavier Naidoo, Jaël, Kim Sanders, and Klaus Schulze among others.

The album was launched in four versions: a limited three-disc Super Deluxe Edition, a two-disc Deluxe Edition, a Standard Edition and a Double Vinyl Edition. The Super Deluxe edition contains 31 compositions from Christopher Von Deylen, mostly new. The DVD includes music videos, concert footage and a documentary. The two-disc Deluxe Edition contains selected songs from the Super Deluxe Edition and the DVD.[1]

Track listing

Super Deluxe Edition

CD 01:

1."Willkommen (UK: Welcome)"  Von Deylen1:08
2."Herzschlag (UK: Heartbeat)" (Drums: Ralf Gustke, Stringed Instruments: Mickey Meinert)Von Deylen4:09
3."Denn Wer Liebt (UK: The One That Loves)" (With Anna Maria Mühe), Cello: Christian Kretschmar)Von Deylen3:56
4."Sehnsucht (UK: Desire)" (With Xavier Naidoo), Bass: Tissy Thiers)Xavier Naidoo, von Deylen3:57
5."Wehmut (UK: Wistfulness)"  Von Deylen4:03
6."Black" (With Jette von Roth)Von Roth, von Deylen4:59
7."Mitternacht (UK: Midnight)"  Von Deylen4:15
8."Let Me Love You" (With Kim Sanders), Drums: Ralf Gustke, Stringed Instruments: Mickey Minert, Bass: Tissy Thiers)Sanders, von Deylen6:24
9."Nacht (UK: Night)" (With Ben Becker))Von Deylen2:18
10."Fate" (With Isis Gee)Tamara Diane Wimer, von Deylen3:56
11."Porque Te Vas (UK: Because You Are Leaving)" (With Ana Torroja), Bass: Tissy Thiers)Federico Monreal, von Deylen4:34
12."In Der Weite (UK: In The Scope)" (With Anna Maria Mühe), Symphonic: The German Film Orchestra from Babelsberg)Von Deylen5:11
13."Sommernacht (UK: Summernight)" (Drums: Ralf Gustke)Von Deylen4:39
14."Everything" (With Helen Boulding), Drums: Ralf Gustke, Stringed Instruments: Mickey Meinert)Johnny McDaid, Boulding, von Deylen4:09
15."Lichter (UK: Lights)"  Von Deylen4:43
16."Ile Aye (UK: Our World)" (With Stephenie Coker)Coker, von Deylen4:13
17."Once Upon a Time"  Von Deylen2:39

CD 02:

1."Der Kuss (UK: The Kiss)" (With Anna Maria Mühe)Von Deylen1:45
2."Wunschtraum (UK: Pipedream / Wishful Dream)"  Von Deylen4:32
3."Tired" (With Jaël), Drums: Ralf Gustke, Stringed Instruments: Mickey Meinert)Rahel Krebs, von Deylen4:45
4."Lichtung (UK: Clearing)"  Von Deylen6:03
5."Breathe" (With September)J. von Der Burg, N. von Der Burg, A. Bhagavan, von Deylen4:12
6."Zenit (Ausschnitt) (UK: Zenit (Cut))" (With Klaus Schulze)Schulze, von Deylen12:48
7."In The Dark" (With Jette von Roth), Stringed Instruments: Mickey Meinert)Von Roth, von Deylen5:11
8."Tagtraum (UK: Daydream)"  Von Deylen4:47
9."Destiny" (With Despina Vandi)Phoebus, von Deylen4:13
10."White"  Von Deylen2:01
11."Lonely" (With Damae), Stringed Instruments: Mickey Meinert, Bass: Tissy Thiers)Daniela Marina Elisabeth Klein, Dee Jacobee, von Deylen3:46
12."Sehnsucht (Reprise) / (UK: Desire (Reprise)" (Bass: Tissy Thiers)Xavier Naidoo, von Deylen3:52
13."Vor Der Zeit (UK: Prematurely)" (With Ben Becker)Von Deylen3:06
14."Forever" (With Kim Sanders), Stringed Instruments: Mickey Meinert)Sanders, von Deylen5:36


  1. Denn Wer Liebt (with Anna Maria Mühe) (04:44)
  2. Herzschlag (Video) (04:43)
  3. Wunschtraum (04:33)
  4. Let Me Love You (Video) (05:07)
  5. Everything (04:01)
  6. Mitternacht (04:19)
  7. Sommernacht (04:40)
  8. In Der Weite (05:39)
  9. Wehmut (04:32)
  10. Forever (05:00)


  1. Zenit (with Klaus Schulze) (32:43)




  1. Schiller (06:15)
  2. I Saved You (05:35)
  3. Irrlicht (05:56)
  4. Nachtflug (06:53)

Deluxe edition


  1. Willkommen (01:07)
  2. Wunschtraum (04:31)
  3. Let Me Love You (with Kim Sanders) (06:38)
  4. Denn Wer Liebt (with Anna Maria Mühe) (03:59)
  5. Sehnsucht (with Xavier Naidoo) (03:57)
  6. Wehmut (04:16)
  7. In The Dark (with Jette Von Roth) (05:00)
  8. Vor Der Zeit (with Ben Becker) (03:18)
  9. Tired (with Jaël) (04:45)
  10. Herzschlag (04:40)
  11. Porque Te Vas (with Ana Torroja) (04:27)
  12. Everything (with Helen Boulding) (04:00)
  13. Zenit | Ausschnitt (with Klaus Schulze) (03:57)
  14. In Der Weite (with Anna Maria Mühe) (05:11)
  15. Sommernacht (04:41)
  16. Destiny (with Despina Vandi & Phoebus) (04:13)
  17. Mitternacht (04:26)
  18. Fate (with Isis Gee) (04:25)


  1. Herzschlag (Video) (04:43)
  2. Wunschtraum (Video) (04:33)
  3. Let Me Love You (Video) (05:07)
  4. Everything (Video) (04:01)
  5. Sommernacht (Video) (04:40)
  6. In Der Weite (Video) (05:39)
  7. Wehmut (Video) (04:32)
  8. Forever (Video) (05:00)
  9. Berlin Calcutta | Teil 1, 2 & 3 (12:20)
  10. Zenit (with Klaus Schulze) (32:43)
  11. Schiller (Live in Kiew) (06:15)
  12. I Saved You (Live in Kiew) (05:35)

Standard edition

  1. Wilkommen
  2. Herzschlag
  3. Denn Wer Liebt (with Anna Maria Muehe)
  4. Sehnsucht (with Xavier Naidoo)
  5. Wehmut
  6. Black (with Jette von Roth)
  7. You (with Colbie Caillat)
  8. Let Me Love you (with Kim Sanders)
  9. Wunschtraum
  10. Time For Dreams (with Lang Lang)
  11. In Der Weite (with Anna Maria Muehe)
  12. Sommernacht
  13. Tired (with Jael)
  14. Vor Der Zeit (with Ben Becker)
  15. White
  16. Mitternacht
  17. Ile Aye (with Stephenie Coker)
  18. Zenit (with Klaus Schulze)
  19. Forever (with Kim Sanders)

Double vinyl edition


  1. Willkommen (01:06)
  2. Wunschtraum (04:36)
  3. Let Me Love You (with Kim Sanders) (06:34)
  4. Denn Wer Liebt (with Anna Maria Mühe) (04:00)
  5. Sehnsucht (with Xavier Naidoo) (03:58)
  6. Wehmut (04:18)


  1. In The Dark (with Jette Von Roth) (05:00)
  2. Vor Der Zeit (with Ben Becker) (03:19)
  3. Tired (with Jaël) (04:46)
  4. Herzschlag (04:41)
  5. Porque Te Vas (with Ana Torroja) (04:30)


  1. Everything (with Helen Boulding) (04:01)
  2. Zenit | Ausschnitt (with Klaus Schulze) (08:24)
  3. In Der Weite (with Anna Maria Mühe) (05:15)
  4. Sommernacht (04:54)


  1. Destiny (with Despina Vandi & Phoebus) (04:18)
  2. Heaven (with Bernstein) (Exclusive bonustrack) (03:54)
  3. Mitternacht (04:15)
  4. Tired of Being Alone (with Tarja Turunen) (04:09)
  5. Fate (with Isis Gee) (04:28)

Year-end charts

Chart (2008) Rank
German Albums Chart [2] 16


Country Certification
(sales thresholds)
Germany Platinum[3]


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