Security Unlimited

Security Unlimited

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Traditional 摩登保鑣
Simplified 摩登保镖
Mandarin Módēng Bǎobiāo
Cantonese Mo1 dang1 bou2 biu1
Directed by Michael Hui
Produced by Raymond Chow
Written by Michael Hui
Samuel Hui
Starring Samuel Hui
Michael Hui
Ricky Hui
Marylinn Wong
Stanley Fung
Chan Sing
Music by Samuel Hui
Cinematography Cheung Yiu-cho
Tom Lau
Edited by Peter Cheung
Golden Harvest
Hui Brothers Films
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
  • 30 January 1981 (1981-01-30)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$17,769,048

Security Unlimited is a 1981 Hong Kong comedy film directed by and starring Michael Hui and co-starring his brothers Samuel Hui and Ricky Hui, who are known as the Hui Brothers. Michael Hui was awarded Best Actor at the 1st Hong Kong Film Awards.


Chow Sai-cheung (Michael Hui), a bitter supervisor of a Hong Kong private security company, teaches unusual guard tactics to new recruits such as electric mats, parachuting off burning buildings and counter-attacking gunfire. He was secretly observed by his new boss (Stanley Fung) and, unimpressed by his work, the new boss demotes Chow and promotes Chow's assistant Sam (Samuel Hui). Under the leadership of Sam, Chow and new recruit Bruce Tang (Ricky Hui) encounter a slew of misadventures, including pursuing stowaways on a party boat. Bruce ultimately falls in love with one of the stowaways. Finally, they all get entangled in a plot to steal one of China's most prized treasures on display in Hong Kong, and in a plot involving some missing government money that the security officers were guarding.


Cast Role
Samuel Hui Lieutenant Sam
Michael Hui Chow Sai-cheung
Ricky Hui Bruce Tang
Marylinn Wong Chun
Stanley Fung Fan
Chan Sing Robber gang thief
Lau Hak-suen Taipan Law
Lee Hoi-sang Robber
Feng Feng driving instructor
Bill Tung race course commentator
Yue Tau-wan robber
Wong Man Taipan Law's wife
Tsang Choh-lam Fake corpse
Hui Sai-cheung Wong Security Boss
Wong Chik-sam Sergeant
Joe Junior sniper with ice bullets



Security Unlimited
Studio album by Samuel Hui
Released March 1981 (1981-03)
Genre Cantopop
Language Cantonese
Label PolyGram
Samuel Hui chronology
Nim Fei Giu

Security Unlimited
Cannot Forget You‧Paper Boat

Security Unlimited is Samuel Hui's eighth Cantopop album with the title song being the film's themesong.

Track listing

  1. "摩登保鑣"
  2. "印象"
  3. "扮野"
  4. "笑下就算"
  5. "長春不老"
  6. "我的心仍屬於您"
  7. "恭喜!恭喜!"
  8. "人辦"
  9. "陽光"
  10. "甜蜜的往事"
  11. "歌曲解困憂"
  12. "我問"
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