Second Battle of Maarat al-Nu'man

Second Battle of Maarat al-Nu'man
Part of the Syrian Civil War and Inter-rebel conflict during the Syrian Civil War

Al-Nusra Front fighters and protesters in Maarat al-Nu'man, the day before the battle
Date13 March 2016
LocationMaarat al-Numaan and Khan Shaykhun, Idlib province, Syria

Al-Nusra Front/Jund al-Asqa victory

  • Al-Nusra Front fully captures Maarat al-Nu'man and Khan Shaykhun[1]
  • Majority of Division 13's leaders captured[2]
Syrian opposition Free Syrian Army Al-Nusra Front
Jund al-Aqsa
Commanders and leaders
Syrian opposition Lt. Col. Ahmad Al-Sa’oud
(Division 13 chief commander)
Syrian opposition Maj. Mousa al-Khalad[3]
(Division 13 commander)
Syrian opposition Zaher al-Ahmad (POW)
(56th Brigade commander)[4]
Syrian opposition Capt. Ali al-Salloum (POW)
(al-Bukhari Brigade commander)[5]
Syrian opposition Zakaria Quitaz
(Division 13 media official)[4]
Abu Mohammad al-Julani
(Jabhat al-Nusra Emir)[6]
Units involved

Division 13  [6]

  • al-Bukhari Brigade[5]
  • 56th Infantry Brigade[4]
Entire Division: around 1,000 fighters Unknown
Casualties and losses
7 killed,[1] 40+ captured[6] 4 killed[1]

On 13 March 2016, jihadists fighters from al-Nusra Front and Jund al-Aqsa launched an overnight attack against the 13th Division headquarters in the town of Maarrat al-Nu'man. According to social media activists in support of the Syrian opposition, Jabhat al-Nusra attacked Division 13 over local protesters and demonstrations.[7][8][9]

Division 13 capture

The Division headquarters located in Maarat al-Nu'maan was overrun in a nighttime attack by a joint Al-Nusra Front and Jund al-Asqa assault force.[5] Two Division storage facilities that were allegedly filled with the U.S. manufactured anti-tank TOW missiles were surrendered to the attackers.[8] This claim was denied by Division 13 leader Ahmad al-Sa'aoud, insisting Al-Nusra Front captured only 'light weapons and ammunition' and that all of the groups anti-tank missiles and mortars were secured.[10] The Division 13’s depots in Maarat al-Nu'maan and three nearby towns were overrun; Hesh, Khan Shaykhun and Tal Aas. An unspecified number of armored vehicles and a tank were reportedly captured.[6][5][11] Al-Nusra fighters conducted door-to-door searches, ultimately detaining 40 Division fighters including several top leaders of the rebel group. By the end of the battle, Division 13 abandoned all its posts in Maarat al-Nu'man and the bulk of its leadership fled to Turkey.[12] However, civilians opposed to the takeover took to the streets and stormed Nusra's HQ in the city, freeing some prisoners.[13] A total of 11 combatants died during the clashes.[5]


Unrest and civilian resistance against al-Nusra rule continued for coming months. On 12 June 2016, a demonstration took place in Maarat al-Nu'man against al-Nusra's authoritarianism, with protestors calling Abu Muhammed al-Jolani an "Iranian nark".[14]


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