Saving Grace (TV series)

Saving Grace
Genre Crime drama
Created by Nancy Miller
Starring Holly Hunter
Leon Rippy
Kenny Johnson
Laura San Giacomo
Bailey Chase
Gregory Norman Cruz
Lorraine Toussaint
Dylan Minnette
Bokeem Woodbine
Tom Irwin
Yaani King
Mark L. Taylor
Opening theme by Everlast
Composer(s) Erik Schrody
Keefus Ciancia
Susan Marder
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 46 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Holly Hunter
Artie Mandelberg
Nancy Miller
Gary A. Randall
Producer(s) Holly Hunter
John Ryan
Cinematography John C. Finn III
Rohn Schmidt
Lex DuPont
Michael Negrin
William Wages
Editor(s) Jerry U. Frizell
William B. Stich
Susanne Malles
John W. Carr
Paul Anderson
Mitchell Danton
David Handman
Geoffrey Rowland
Running time 40–45 minutes
Production company(s) Grand Productions
Paid My Dues Productions
Fox Television Studios
Distributor 20th Television
Original network TNT
Original release July 23, 2007 (2007-07-23) – June 21, 2010 (2010-06-21)

Saving Grace is an American crime drama television series which aired on TNT from July 23, 2007 to June 21, 2010. The show stars Academy Award winner Holly Hunter in her first television series, as well as Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Laura San Giacomo, Bailey Chase, Bokeem Woodbine, Gregory Norman Cruz and Yaani King. It is set in Oklahoma City—including numerous shots of local buildings and landmarks (such as the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the downtown skyline)—while much of the show was filmed in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

The theme song for the show was written and performed by American rapper/musician Everlast. The series is rated TV-MA in the United States for language, sexuality, and violence.[1]


The plot focuses on Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter), a heavy drinking and promiscuous Oklahoma City detective. In the series opener, Grace meets up with her "last-chance" angel when, after a night of drinking, she runs down and kills a pedestrian with her Porsche. In desperation, she calls out for God's help; and a scruffy, tobacco-spitting man, who calls himself Earl (Leon Rippy), appears. Unfolding his wings to reveal his divine origins, Earl tells her that she's headed for Hell and asks if she's ready to turn her life over to God. When he finally disappears, the person she struck is also gone and it's as if the accident never happened. The only evidence left is a small amount of the victim's blood on her blouse, which she brings to her best friend forensic science expert Rhetta Rodriguez (Laura San Giacomo) to analyze. With Rhetta's help, Grace discovers that the victim in her accident is actually a man awaiting execution on death row, Leon Cooley (Bokeem Woodbine). When she visits Cooley in prison, he reveals that he has also had encounters with Earl.

Passionate in her job, Grace investigates homicides and other major crimes with the other detectives in her squad, including Ham Dewey (Kenny Johnson), Butch Ada (Bailey Chase), Bobby Stillwater (Gregory Cruz), and Captain Kate Perry (Lorraine Toussaint).

Off the job, Grace drinks heavily, engages in numerous one-night stands and casual encounters with men, and is having an affair with her married police partner, Ham. Aside from her faults, Grace is an extraordinarily loving and generous person to those around her. In particular, she loves her young nephew, Clay (Dylan Minnette), and devotes a great deal of time to him.

Earl appears to Grace throughout the series, hoping she'll turn away from her more self-destructive tendencies and seek God's help. Saving Grace uses Grace's story to discuss the topic of faith and how difficult faith can be in such an imperfect world.

Oklahoma City

Series creator Nancy Miller grew up in Oklahoma City, and as a result Saving Grace includes many references to Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma. For instance, many of the characters' last names are the names of Oklahoma towns: Hanadarko is derived from Anadarko, Oklahoma; also Clay Norman, Ham Dewey, Butch Ada, Bobby Stillwater and Captain Perry all have last names taken from Oklahoma towns and cities.

The 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City's Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and its aftermath have been frequently incorporated into the plot and character development of the series. In the show, Grace's sister, who was also Clay's mother, died in the bombing.

In addition, local Oklahoma City eating establishment Johnnies Charcoal Broiler is frequently incorporated.

In an October 2007 trip to Oklahoma City by the cast, writers and producers, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett presented Miller and Hunter with Keys to the City.

Cast and characters


Show run

Following a 13-episode first season which ran from July 23 to December 18, 2007, Saving Grace ran for a second season of 14 episodes which began on July 14, 2008 and ended on April 13, 2009. The second season was split; the first half ran in the summer of 2008, and the second half ran in the spring of 2009. The third season of Saving Grace began airing on June 16, 2009, shifting from the Monday night slot it had occupied for the first two seasons to Tuesday night.[2]

On August 13, 2009, the show's producer, Fox Television Studios, canceled the series, despite its high ratings, due to disappointing overseas and DVD sales. TNT had originally ordered a split 15-episode third season, with nine episodes to be aired in the summer and six to be aired in the winter of 2009. Due to the show's cancellation, the summer season ended with ten episodes (one episode, "What Would You Do?", slated for season 2, was delayed until season 3, adding one to the nine originally ordered for the summer), and in March 2010 TNT began airing what were advertised as the final episodes. These were the six remaining episodes of the season, with three new episodes added to give the series closure. The final episode of Saving Grace aired on June 21, 2010.

DVD releases

Title Season One [3] Season Two [4] The Final Season [5]
Release date July 15, 2008 June 16, 2009 July 13, 2010
Ep# 13 Episodes 14 Episodes 19 Episodes
Disc # 4 4 5

The 19 episodes that aired June–August 2009 and March–June 2010 were released collectively as a third and final season.

International broadcasts

UK: Season 1 began on More4 on Monday 29 August 2009 at 11:00 P.M. Season 2 began after a considerable gap on Thursday 26 January 2012 at 10:35 P.M.

Portugal: Season 1 and 2 already have been broadcast on Fox Life.

The third season is currently airing on Fox Next which is also rerunning the previous two seasons.

In Australia, Season 1 has just begun airing on 9 August 2011 on Channel 10 at midnight most week nights.

Japan: Season 1 began on 14 December 2008. Season 2 began on 11 December 2009.

In Quebec, Canada, the series began airing in French on March 5, 2009, on Thursday nights at 9:00 P.M. On March 16, 2010, when season two of the series began, it had its timeslot changed to Tuesday nights at 9:00 P.M. replacing Bones after its fourth season concluded. The channel decided to air the 10 episodes of the final season following the second season.

Awards and nominations

U.S. ratings

Season Timeslot Season premiere Season finale Viewers
(in millions)
Age 18-49
(in millions)
Age 25-54
(in millions)
Date Viewers Total
(in millions)
(in millions)
(in millions)
Date Viewers Total
(in millions)
(in millions)
(in millions)
1st Monday 10:00PM July 23, 2007 6.4[6] 1.94[6] 2.47[6] December 18, 2007
2nd Monday 10:00PM July 14, 2008 5.2[7] 1.61[7] 2.29[7] April 13, 2009
3rd Tuesday/Monday 10:00PM June 16, 2009 3.5[8] 1.6[8] June 21, 2010

For calendar-year 2008 on a first-run basis, the series garnered 1.59 million adults in the 18-49 demo.[9]

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