San (band)


San in 1973
Background information
Origin Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Genres Rock, acoustic rock
Years active 1971 1975
Labels PGP-RTB, Komuna
Associated acts Smeli, Samonikli, Bele Višnje, Sanja & Balkanika
Past members Sanja Ilić
Predrag Jovičić
Aleksandar Slaviković
Dragoslav Jovanović
Aleksandar Grujić

San (Serbian Cyrillic: Сан, trans. Dream) was a Yugoslav rock band from Belgrade. The band was formed in 1971 by the composer Aleksandar "Sanja" Ilić, and disbanded in 1975, after the band's vocalist Predrag Jovičić died in concert from an electric shock.

Band history

The band was formed in 1971 by keyboardist and composer Aleksandar "Sanja" Ilić. He gathered former members of the bands Smeli, Samonikli, Bele Višnje and Vragolani, and the band consisted of Ilić (keyboards), Predrag Jovičić (vocals), Aleksandar Slaviković (guitar), Dragoslav Jovanović (bass guitar) and Aleksandar Grujić (drums).

In 1971, the band released their first 7" single, featuring the songs "Tebe sam želeo" ("I Wanted You") and "Helena", through PGP-RTB.[1] Two years later, the band released the single with the songs "Papirni brodovi" ("Paper Ships") and "Hej, malena" ("Hey, Little Girl").[2] In 1974, the band released three 7" singles: the first one featuring the songs "Legenda" ("Legend") and "Milena",[3] the second one featuring the songs "Jedan svet za sve" ("One World for All") and "Srce na dlanu" ("Heart on a Sleeve"),[4] and the third one featuring the songs "Anabela" and "Zvezda ljubavi" ("Love Star").[5] With the song "Legenda", the band won the Second Prize on 1974 Festival Omladina in Subotica.[6] During these several years, Ilić wrote music for the film ITD (ETC.) and the rock opera Arhanđeli i automati (Archangels and Automatons) performed in the Dadov Theatre.

On February 2, 1975, on a concert in Čair Hall in Niš, Jovičić died from an electric shock. San disbanded, and Ilić decided never to perform in a rock band again.


After San disbanded, Ilić continued his career as a composer.

In 1975, the progressive rock band Pop Mašina released the song "Rekvijem za prijatelja" ("Requiem for a Friend") dedicated to Jovičić. The song lyrics were written by S Vremena Na Vreme member Ljuba Ninković.[7]

In 1977, former members of San, with the band Maj and the singers Zdravko Čolić, Dado Topić, Bisera Veletanlić, Zdenka Kovačiček and Zlatko Pejaković, recorded the album Uspomene (Memories) as a tribute to Jovičić.[8]

In 1994, the song "Legenda" was released on Komuna compilation album Sve smo mogli mi: Akustičarska muzika (We Could Have Done All: Acoustic Music), which featured songs by Yugoslav acoustic rock acts.[9]




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