SIGCOMM is the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Data Communications, which specializes in the field of communication and computer networks. It is also the name of an annual 'flagship' conference, organized by SIGCOMM, which is considered to be the leading conference in data communications and networking in the world.[1][2] Known to have an extremely low acceptance rate (~10%), many of the landmark works in Networking and Communications have been published through it.

Of late, a number of workshops related to networking are also co-located with the SIGCOMM conference. These include Workshop on Challenged Networks (CHANTS), Internet Network Management (INM), Large Scale Attack Defense (LSAD) and Mining Network Data (MineNet).

SIGCOMM also produces a quarterly magazine, Computer Communication Review, with both peer-reviewed and editorial (non-peer reviewed) content, and a bi-monthly refereed journal IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, co-sponsored with IEEE.

The SIGCOMM Award is made annually for outstanding lifetime technical achievement in the fields of data and computer communications and the SIGCOMM Best Student Paper Award is made annually for the outstanding paper at that year's conference.

SIGCOMM 2016 in Florianópolis, Brazil.
SIGCOMM 2015 in London, United Kingdom.
SIGCOMM 2014 in Chicago, IL, USA.
SIGCOMM 2013 in Hong Kong, China S.A.R.
SIGCOMM 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.
SIGCOMM 2011 in Toronto, Canada.
SIGCOMM 2010 in New Delhi, India.
SIGCOMM 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.
SIGCOMM 2008 in Seattle, WA, USA.
SIGCOMM 2007 in Kyoto.
SIGCOMM 2006 in Pisa.
SIGCOMM 2005 in Philadelphia.
SIGCOMM 2004 in Portland.
SIGCOMM 2003 in Karlsruhe.
SIGCOMM 2002 in Pittsburgh.
SIGCOMM 2001 in San Diego.
SIGCOMM 2000 in Stockholm.
SIGCOMM 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
SIGCOMM 1998 in Vancouver.
SIGCOMM 1997 in Cannes.
SIGCOMM 1996 in Palo Alto.
SIGCOMM 1995 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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