Ryan and Ronnie

Ryan and Ronnie was a television comedy series made by BBC Wales and originally broadcast in the Welsh language under the title Ryan a Ronnie.

The series starred Ryan Davies and Ronnie Williams. There were three Welsh-language series before the English version appeared in 1971. It ran for three series, ending in 1973.

The programme consisted of sketches and stand-up comedy sessions in which Ronnie took the role of "straight man" to Ryan's clowning. There was also music, from the duo themselves and regular guests such as Welsh singer Margaret Williams. Each programme ended with an episode of a spoof soap opera entitled "Our House", in which Ryan played the mother of the family and Ronnie the father. Myfanwy Talog played their daughter, "Phyllis Doris".

The running joke in "Our House" was that "Mam" doted on her son, Nigel Wyn, originally played by Derek Boote and, latterly, Bryn Williams, and forgave him anything, whilst being strict with Phyllis Doris, whom she always addressed as "you brazen hussy". Both children were played by adults, the former appearing dressed in school uniform. The father, "Will", was the silent type, but each week, Nigel Wyn would address him as "Will" and "Will" would say, "Don't call Will on your father". (The phrase "call on" is a direct translation from the Welsh "Paid a galw Wil ar dy dad!"). With its bizarre and off-beat, almost surreal humour, "Our House" has achieved an iconic status.

On one occasion, the show's guest star Ken Dodd also appeared as a character in "Our House".

An S4C film about Ryan and Ronnie won several awards at the BAFTA Cymru awards ceremony in May 2010.[1]

Recurring characters were Blodwen and Mary who had their own song, in both English and Welsh versions,[2] and which was released as a single in 1975.[3]


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