Rotana Group

Rotana Group
Industry Music, Television, Radio, Media Services
Founded 1987
Headquarters Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Owner Al-Waleed bin Talal
News Corp (18.97%)[1][2]

Rotana Group (Arabic: روتانا, Rōtānā), also known simply as Rotana, is the Arab World's largest entertainment company. It is primarily owned by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, with an 18.97% share held by News Corp and 21st Century Fox.

The large pan-Arab media conglomerate includes a film production company (Rotana Studios), a magazine (Rotana Magazine), television (Rotana TV), seven music channels (Rotana Radio), a record label (Rotana Records), and others.

Rotana group was founded by Ibrahim Nagro and his brothers, with a 50% to the Saudi business man Saleeh Kameel.

And then was sold to the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. His highness, appointed Fahad Alsukait as the company's CEO.

Rotana Records

Main article: Rotana Records

Rotana Records (Arabic: تسجيلات روتانا) is the Arab World's largest record label, with over 100 signed artists.[3]

Rotana Radio

Rotana is a series of radio stations belonging to Rotana Group, a big pan-Arab entertainment group. Rotana Radio broadcasts in a number of Arab countries under varying names and with unique programming for each country: Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria and play almost exclusively music released by Rotana Records.

Stations currently broadcasting and frequencies:

The stations play almost mostly music released by Rotana Records.

Rotana TV channels

France Numericable Channel 643 (Cinema)
Channel 644 (Clip)
Channel 645 (Aflam)
Channel 749 (Khalijia)
Channel 751 (Masriya)
Channel 752 (Classic)
Channel 754 (Musika)
Channel 771 (Al Resala)
France Freebox TV Channel 479 (LBC)
Channel 491 (Al Resala)
Channel 492 (Aflam)
Channel 493 (Cinema)
Channel 494 (Clip)
Channel 495 (Khalijia)
Channel 496 (Masriya)
Channel 497 (Musika)
Channel 498 (Classic)

Rotana TV has many specialized channels. General programming stations include Khalījīya (الخليجية), LBCSat (al-Fadaʼīyah al Lubnānīyah الفضائية اللبنانية), Rotana Media Services (RMS) and RMS Outdoor. Rotana film channels include Fox Movies, Fox (formerly Fox Series), Rotana Cinema and Rotana Zaman (for classic movies). Rotana also runs a number of music channels including Rotana Clip, Rotana Mousica and Nagham, and an Islamic religious channel Al-Resala.



Rotana has developed an extensive network of companies that support the various radio and television stations. These include:


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