Roslyn Schwartz

Roslyn Schwartz
Born (1951-09-29) September 29, 1951
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Author
Genre Children's Literature

Roslyn Schwartz (born September 29, 1951) is a children's author and animator.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, she was raised in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Schwartz is the author of The Mole Sisters series,[1] The Smoker's Addictionary (1985), Rose and Dorothy (1981), and Tales from Parc la Fontaine (2006). The The Mole Sisters was made into a T.V. cartoon series.

She also created two short animated films with the National Film Board of Canada, I'm your Man and The Arkelope.[2]

Schwartz credits much of her success to her younger brother Mark, creator of the traditional winter Poutinikkah festival in Quebec.


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