Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

McGowan in 2008
Born Rose Arianna McGowan
(1973-09-05) September 5, 1973
Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy
Occupation Actress, singer, Director, Producer
Years active 1990–present
Spouse(s) Davey Detail (m. 2013; div. 2016)
Partner(s) Joel Mason

Rose Arianna McGowan (born September 5, 1973) is an American actress, film producer, director and singer. She is best known for playing Paige Matthews in The WB supernatural drama series Charmed from 2001 to 2006.

She made her film debut in the 1992 comedy Encino Man, where she played a small role. Her performance as Amy Blue in the 1995 dark comedy film The Doom Generation brought her wider attention, and received an Independent Spirit Award nomination. McGowan then appeared in the 1996 hit horror film Scream and starred alongside Ben Affleck in the 1997 coming-of-age feature Going All the Way. Later, she appeared in several Hollywood films, including Devil in the Flesh (1998), Jawbreaker (1999), Ready to Rumble (2000), Monkeybone (2001) and The Black Dahlia (2006). In 2005, McGowan played Ann-Margret alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Elvis Presley in the CBS miniseries Elvis. In 2007, she starred in Planet Terror, part of the double-feature film directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, Grindhouse. The following year, she starred in the crime thriller film, Fifty Dead Men Walking.

In 1996, McGowan was the cover model for the Henry Mancini tribute album Shots in the Dark; and she was the face of American clothing company Bebe from 1998 to 1999. She has also appeared on numerous magazine covers, including Seventeen, Interview, Maxim, GQ, Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone.

Early life

McGowan, the second-eldest of six children (plus two half-siblings), was born in Certaldo, Italy, the daughter of Terri, a former writer and Microsoft employee, and Daniel McGowan, who worked as a commercial artist.[1] Her parents were American, and she has Irish and French ancestry.[2] Daniel McGowan ran an Italian chapter of the Children of God, to which both he and his wife held membership until 1978.[3] McGowan spent her early childhood amid the group's communes, often traveling through Europe with her parents.[2] When interviewed by Howard Stern in 2001, she stated she had avoided the group's calls for members to become sexually active as children, and stated that she never personally experienced abuse as a child.[1] Through her father's art contacts in Italy, McGowan became a child model and appeared in Vogue Bambini and various other Italian magazines.

Her parents returned to the United States when she was ten years old, settling in Eugene, Oregon.[2][4]

McGowan had a wayward childhood, living as a teenage runaway in Portland, Oregon and associating with a group of drag queens in the city.[2][5] After her parents divorced, McGowan lived with her father in Seattle, Washington, attending Roosevelt High School and Nova Alternative High School, and worked at McDonald's. At the age of 15, she officially emancipated herself from her parents[6] and relocated to Los Angeles.


Early work: 1992–2007

McGowan made her first appearance in a Hollywood film with a role in the 1992 Pauly Shore comedy Encino Man. Her role in the 1995 dark comedy The Doom Generation brought her to the attention of film critics, and she received a nomination for "Best Debut Performance" at the 1996 Independent Spirit Awards. McGowan was subsequently cast in a supporting role in the 1996 hit horror film Scream. She was the cover model for the Henry Mancini tribute album Shots in the Dark, which was released in 1996. She became the face of American clothing company Bebe from 1998–99.

McGowan spent the majority of the 1990s appearing in a variety of independent films, including roles in Southie, Going All the Way, and Lewis & Clark & George. In 1997, she appeared in the short film Seed, directed by San Francisco-born filmmaker Karin Thayer, and played opposite Peter O'Toole in the 1998 film adaptation of the Dean Koontz novel Phantoms. That year, McGowan gained much attention for the revealing fishnet outfit she wore to the 1998 Video Music Awards.[7][8][9][10]

The following year she starred in the 1998 dark comedy Jawbreaker, where she played a popular yet malevolent high school student who tries to cover up her involvement in a classmate's murder. That role earned McGowan a nomination for Best Villain at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.[11]

In 2001, McGowan was cast as Paige Matthews in the popular WB television series Charmed, as a replacement lead actress after Shannen Doherty departed the show. She was offered to be a producer after the seventh season alongside co-stars Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano, but turned it down.[12] The series ended its run on May 21, 2006.[13]

During and after Charmed, McGowan tackled a variety of different roles. She portrayed actress/singer Ann-Margret in Elvis, a Golden Globe-winning CBS mini-series about the life of Elvis Presley, and also appeared in Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia.[11]

Later work: 2007–present

McGowan at the 2007 premiere of Grindhouse

In 2007, McGowan headlined the critically acclaimed Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double-feature Grindhouse, released on April 6, 2007. McGowan appears in both portions of the film, as go-go dancing Cherry Darling in Planet Terror, and as Pam in Death Proof. She followed up the project with a role in the IRA thriller Fifty Dead Men Walking and a recurring role as a con artist on the acclaimed drama series Nip/Tuck. After Fifty Dead Men Walking concluded filming, McGowan sparked controversy in the UK in September 2008 when she stated that she would have joined the IRA had she lived in Belfast during the Troubles and that her "heart just broke for the cause".[14]

After a brief hiatus from film, McGowan shot a cameo in the Robert Rodriguez thriller Machete, a role ultimately cut but included on the DVD release, and played a semi-homeless junkie in the fantasy drama Dead Awake. Her name was attached to several recent films which ended up being unmade. Following the release of Grindhouse, she signed to play B-movie staple Susan Cabot in Black Oasis, to be directed by Stephan Elliott.[15] However, the film was affected by the writers' strike and ultimately put on indefinite hold. Another project, a proposed film adaptation of the Sylvia Plath novel The Bell Jar alongside Julia Stiles,[16] also never came to fruition. She was attached to three projects to be produced by her partner Robert Rodriguez, a remake of the science fiction cult classic Barbarella, a proposed television series titled Women in Chains!,[17] and a big-screen update of the Red Sonja comic books. After several years of development, Rodriguez announced in 2009 that Barbarella had been canceled due to location difficulties.[18]

McGowan at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection Fashion Show in 2012

In addition to film and television, McGowan lent her voice to the video games Darkwatch, playing a femme fatale named Tala, and Terminator Salvation, as a troubled soldier named Angie Salter. She also co-hosted the TCM's film-series program The Essentials alongside Robert Osbourne in 2008, discussing classic Hollywood film.[11][19]

In 2010, McGowan confirmed that Red Sonja had been postponed to fit Conan continuity, and that the project may resurface depending on the success of Conan the Barbarian.[20][21][22] In 2011, she appears as an evil half-human/half-witch in the comic book adaptation Conan the Barbarian and guest starred in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a grifter who targets New York sex clubs. McGowan headlined the psychological thriller Rosewood Lane from director Victor Salva, while she appeared in the lead role in the TV movie The Pastor's Wife alongside Michael Shanks. McGowan stars in the feature film The Tell-Tale Heart (2014 film), an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's short story, which was released in 2014. She will also headline the film Napa, as an Afghanistan war veteran turned Napa county sheriff.[11]

In 2013, she played young Cora in a flashback in the show Once Upon A Time. In January 2014, she was cast as Josie Acosta for Chosen, a TV series airing via Crackle. Her role became a main one in season 3 of the series, which premiered later in 2014. Her movie, Rise of the Lonestar Ranger was released on March 6, 2014. Also in 2014, her directorial debut Dawn — a short — premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In January 2015, Tangerine Entertainment acquired McGowan as director for The Pines.[23] The thriller will be her feature-film directorial debut.[24]

In June 2015, McGowan sparked controversy with a Twitter post saying "casting note that came w/script I got today. For real. name of male star rhymes with Madam Panhandler hahahaha I die" attached to a casting note for an Adam Sandler film script. The note read "Please make sure to read the attached script before coming in so you understand the context of the scenes, Wardrobe note: Black (or dark) form-fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push-up bras encouraged). And formfitting leggings or jeans. Nothing white." McGowan later said, "It was just so dumb. I was offended by the stupidity more than anything. I was offended by the fact that went through so many people's hands and nobody red flagged it. This is normal to so many people. It was probably even a girl that had to type it up. It's institutionally OK."[25] This reportedly led to McGowan being fired by her agent. She later clarified that talent agent Sheila Wenzel was not responsible for “firing” her after she took a stand against sexism in Hollywood.[26][27] "I'm interested in making the industry better so that women following in my footsteps know that they don't have to take abuse just because she wants be creative", the actress told People magazine regarding alleged misogyny in the film industry.[28]


While dating Marilyn Manson, McGowan appeared in a music video for the song "Coma White";[29] she performed backing vocals on the song "Posthuman".[30] Both of these songs are available on the album Mechanical Animals (1998).[31]

McGowan appeared on a Brian Transeau track called "Superfabulous", from his album Emotional Technology, which was also featured on the final Charmed soundtrack, The Final Chapter.[32] The song has been featured in several films, including Win a Date with Tad Hamilton![33] and Raising Helen.[34] She wrote and recorded a song titled "Protection", which was featured in her film Strange Hearts (2011).[35] McGowan has also appeared in the Imperial Teen music video for "Yoo Hoo",[36] which was featured on the Jawbreaker soundtrack,[37] and she recorded the theme song from the film, Dead/Awake (2010).

McGowan has expressed interest in recording an album of her own. During an interview with Living TV, she said, "I was actually thinking of going back and doing more soulful tunes and older tunes ... and I would love to, when I have a little bit more time." In the Charmed episode "Sense and Sense Ability", McGowan performed, in character, a cover of the Peggy Lee classic "Fever". She performed three songs from the Planet Terror portion of Grindhouse, released on the film's soundtrack by the Varèse Sarabande label.[38] The songs are entitled "You Belong to Me" (a Dean Martin/Jo Stafford cover), "Useless Talent #32", and "Two Against the World".

She also appeared briefly in Charli XCX's video for "Break the Rules".[39]

Personal life

McGowan visits a member of the U.S. Air Force during a USO visit to Southwest Asia

McGowan lived in Seattle, Washington but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She admitted she had been a sleepwalker as a child: "The weirdest spot I ever woke up was a snow bank in Montreal. Now I just speak Italian in my sleep."[40]

McGowan is an activist for LGBT rights[41][42] and campaigned against Proposition 8,[42] which sought to ban same sex marriage in the state of California.[41] She is also known as an activist for Boston Terriers. She has two, named Bug and Fester, and has personally donated to various Boston rescues. McGowan reportedly encouraged friends to donate to Boston Terrier Rescue Net, and according to BTRN: "Having fallen in love with Bug and Fester, her friends donated generously. It amounted to a considerable contribution, which will go a long way in helping BTRN and the needy volunteers who selflessly give to deserving Bostons."[43]

McGowan with James Gandolfini in Kuwait, March 31, 2010

McGowan caused controversy during the making of Fifty Dead Men Walking when she stated: "I imagine, had I grown up in Belfast, I would 100% have been in the IRA. My heart just broke for the cause. Violence is not to be played out daily and provide an answer to problems, but I understand it."[44]

According to an article in the New York Post, McGowan suffered serious injuries in a car accident early in 2007. Riding as a passenger, her car was struck by another vehicle and the force of the impact drove her eyeglasses into her face. McGowan is quoted as saying, "I didn't realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin. My glasses had sliced me under my eye." After obtaining the services of a plastic surgeon, McGowan is reported to be suffering no long-lasting consequences from the incident.[45] In a 2011 interview,[46] McGowan stated that even after three surgical procedures, her right arm remained considerably impaired as a result of the accident.

Of her acting method, McGowan said: "I'm not really one of those people who goes and writes some big backstory and agonizes over characters ... For me personally, it's just kind of more instinctive. But I don't have kind of an acting background. I fell into it accidentally."[47]

In late 2009, McGowan was among several celebrities who participated in the protest NOH8.[42]


McGowan caused controversy for some of her remarks, which have been characterized as homophobic or transphobic.[48][49][50] Her controversial statements include branding gay men as more misogynistic than straight men,[51] claiming gay people "fought for right to wear speedos" and take MDMA,[52] and her criticism of Caitlyn Jenner for stating that "the hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear," after Jenner was named "Woman of the year" by Glamour.[49][53] McGowan also held a defiant party in support of the Brunei-owned Beverly Hills Hotel, despite a boycott over Brunei's anti-gay laws, which prescribes death by stoning for same-sex activities.[53] She later apologized for generalizing gay men as misogynistic, but defended the rest of her comments.[54] With regard to Jenner, she stated, "Let me take this moment to point out that I am not, nor will I ever be, transphobic. The idea is laughable. Disliking something a trans person has said is no different than disliking something a man has said or that a woman has said. Being trans doesn't make one immune from criticism."[55]


McGowan had a very public three and a half year relationship with rock musician Marilyn Manson. After a formal engagement lasting two years, McGowan ended the relationship over "lifestyle differences". Prior to the release of Grindhouse, there was speculation that McGowan was dating director Robert Rodriguez.[56][57] In May 2007, it was reported that they confirmed their relationship while appearing hand-in-hand at the Cannes Film Festival.[58] On October 12, 2007, it was announced by that McGowan was engaged to Rodriguez.[59] They planned to wed in 2009,[60] but reportedly split in October 2009.[61]

In July 2013, after one year of dating, McGowan became engaged to artist Davey Detail.[62] They married on October 12, 2013 in Los Angeles.[63] In February 2016, Rose McGowan filed for divorce from Detail, citing irreconcilable differences.[64] The divorce was finalized in November 2016.[65]



Year Title Role Notes
1992 Encino Man Nora Also known as California Man
1995 Doom Generation, TheThe Doom Generation Amy Blue Nominated—Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance
1996 Bio-Dome Denise
1996 Kiss & Tell Jasmine Hoyle
1996 Scream Tatum Riley
1997 Going All the Way Gale Ann Thayer
1997 Seed Miriam Short Film
1997 Nowhere Valley Chick #3 Cameo with Shannen Doherty
1997 Lewis and Clark and George George
1998 Southie Kathy Quinn
1998 Phantoms Lisa Pailey
1998 Devil in the Flesh Debbie Strand Also known as Dearly Devoted
1999 Jawbreaker Courtney Shayne Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best Villain
1999 Sleeping Beauties Sno Blo Short Film
2000 Ready to Rumble Sasha
2000 The Last Stop Nancy
2001 Strange Hearts Moira Kennedy Also known as Roads to Riches
2001 Monkeybone Miss Kitty
2002 Stealing Bess Debbie Dinsdale Also known as Vacuums
2002 Roads to Riches Moira Kennedy
2006 Black Dahlia, TheThe Black Dahlia Sheryl Saddon
2007 Grindhouse Planet Terror Cherry Darling Nominated—Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress
2007 Grindhouse Death Proof Pam
2008 Fifty Dead Men Walking Grace Sterrin
2010 Machete Boots McCoy Deleted scenes
2010 Dead Awake Charlie Scheel Direct-to-DVD
2011 Conan the Barbarian Marique
2011 Rosewood Lane Sonny Blake Direct-to-DVD
2014 Dawn Director/Writer Short film
2014 The Tell-Tale Heart Ariel
2016 The Last Duane Madeline Post-Production
2016 Lower Bay Kelly Johansen Filming
2016 Vows and Rites Jessica Filming
2016 The Pines Director/Writer Short film Filming


Year Title Role Notes
1990 True Colors Suzanne Episode: "Life with Fathers"
2001 What About Joan? Maeve McCrimmen Episode: "Maeve"
2001 The Killing Yard Linda Borus Movie
2001–2006 Charmed Paige Matthews 112 episodes
Nominated—Wand Award for Best New Cast Member (2002)[66]
Family Television Award for Favorite Sister (2005)[67]
2005 Elvis Ann-Margret Miniseries
2009 Nip/Tuck Dr. Theodora 'Teddy' Rowe 5 episodes
2011 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Cassandra Davina Episode: "Bombshell"
2011 Pastor's Wife, TheThe Pastor's Wife Mary Winkler Movie
2012 RuPaul's Drag Race Herself Guest judge, episode: "The Fabulous Bitch Ball"
2013–2014 Once Upon a Time Young Cora 4 episodes
2014–present Chosen Josie Acosta Main role

Video games

Year Title Role Notes
2005 Darkwatch Tala
2009 Terminator Salvation Angie Salter
2015 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Lilith Exo Zombies

Web series

Year Title Role Notes
2013 Doctor Lollipop Dr. Coco, Red Riding Hood

Music videos

Year Title Role Notes
1999 "Coma White" Jacqueline Kennedy
2014 "Break the Rules" Chaperone Cameo appearance
2015 "RM486" Herself Debut Single[68]

Awards and recognition

List of acting awards and nominations
Year Film / Title Award Category Result
1995 Doom Generation, TheThe Doom Generation 11th Independent Spirit Awards Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance Nominated
1996 Scream Saturn Award Best Supporting Actress Nominated
1999 Jawbreaker MTV Movie Award MTV Movie Award for Best Villain Nominated
2005 Charmed Family Television Awards Favorite Sister Won[67]
2005 Charmed Wand Award Wand Award for Best New Cast Member Nominated[66]
2006 Rose McGowan Blender Sexiest Women Of TV And Film Won.[69]
2008 Grindhouse Planet Terror Saturn Award Best Supporting Actress Nominated.[70]
2008 Grindhouse Planet Terror Scream Award Scream Queen Nominated[70]
2009 Grindhouse Planet Terror Fright Meter Award Best Supporting Actress Won[71]
2009 Rose McGowan San Francisco International Film Festival Midnight Outstanding Achievement Award Won.[72]
2014 Dawn Sundance Film Festival Short Film Grand Jury Prize Nominated


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