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Landscape in the Romanija mountain
Highest point
Elevation 1,652 m (5,420 ft)
Coordinates 43°51′36″N 18°40′12″E / 43.86000°N 18.67000°E / 43.86000; 18.67000Coordinates: 43°51′36″N 18°40′12″E / 43.86000°N 18.67000°E / 43.86000; 18.67000

Location of Romanija

Location Bosnia and Herzegovina
Parent range Dinaric Alps

Romanija (Serbian Cyrillic: Романија) is a mountain and geographical region in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the main towns of Pale, Sokolac, and Han Pijesak, to the north-east of Sarajevo. Its geographical extent lies within Republika Srpska. Its highest point is Veliki Lupoglav (1,652 m).

A football club from the neighbouring town of Pale bears its name, FK Romanija.

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