Rogers Building (Toronto)

The Rogers Building

The Rogers Building, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is part of the corporate campus of Canadian media conglomerate Rogers Communications,[1] as well as the home of most, but not all, of the company's Toronto operations.

Located at 1 Mount Pleasant Road / 1 Ted Rogers Way (formerly 777 Jarvis Street), the complex occupies almost all of the block bounded by Jarvis, Bloor, Huntley and Isabella Streets. Mount Pleasant Road divides the northwest corner of the block from the remainder of the site, but Rogers occupies separate buildings on both sides of Mount Pleasant which are connected by a bridge and an underground tunnel. Collectively all of the interconnected buildings (in addition to nearby buildings at 333 and 350 Bloor Street) are referred to as the Rogers Campus.

The company's cable television and magazine publishing operations, as well as its local radio stations, including CFTR (680 News) and 98.1 FM operate from the building. Rogers Sportsnet is the latest addition to the complex, launching their new studios on April 30, 2008.

Rogers-owned Toronto television stations CFMT-DT (OMNI.1), CJMT-DT (OMNI.2), and CITY-DT (City) are based at 33 Dundas Street East located at Victoria and Dundas streets. Rogers-owned specialty channels including, The Biography Channel Canada, G4 Canada and OLN are based at 545 Lake Shore Boulevard West, the headquarters of Rogers Media located at Bathurst and Fleet Streets, that location also houses the master controls for its Toronto television stations.

The Shopping Channel is based at a separate facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

Rogers acquired various parts of the block over time as expansion of the facility was planned and executed. Part of the facility's parking garage now occupies the location once used by the original studios of 100 Huntley Street. The Rogers building was originally built as the new head office of the now defunct Confederation Life insurance company, which became insolvent in 1994.

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