Robin Hood (anime series)

Robin Hood
(Robin Hood's Great Adventure)
Anime television series
Directed by Kōichi Mashimo
Produced by Ippei Kuri
Kouki Narushima
Masaaki Motomura
Written by Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Katsuhiko Chiba
Mami Watanabe
Seiko Watanabe
Tsunehisa Ito
Music by Yasunori Iwasaki
Studio Tatsunoko Production
NHK Enterprises
Network NHK
Original run 29 July 1990 28 October 1992
Episodes 52

Robin Hood (ロビンフッドの大冒険 Robin Fuddo no Daibōken, lit. "Robin Hood's Great Adventure") is a Japanese anime series produced by Tatsunoko Production and NHK. It is an adaptation of the classic Robin Hood story consisting of 52 episodes. In this version, Robin and his allies are mostly pre-teens.


Robin's palace was burned to ashes by the order of Alwyn, the Baron of Nottingham. Robin and his cousins Will, Winifred and Jenny flee into Sherwood Forest, hoping to escape persecution. They end up encountering a group of bandits led by Little John, who dubs himself as Big John during the beginning of the series, until Robin pokes fun renaming him "Little John" for playing with a pussycat. Together, Robin and the bandits must stop Baron Alwyn's persecutions and greed as well as to prevent the greedy Bishop Hartford from adopting Marian Lancaster and obtaining her family's wealth.




Most of the antagonists of the series serve as only "temporary" antagonists who eventually start aiding the protagonists near the end of the series. However, all of them start off as those who oppose Robin through the majority of the series. It's only near the end do some of them start to make a change for the better.


The series uses two pieces of theme music for the Japanese version; one opening song and one ending song. The Japanese opening song is called "Wood Walker", and the Japanese ending song is called "Hoshizora no Labirinsu (星空のラビリンス lit.Labyrinth of the Starry Sky)", both sing by the Japanese vocalist Satoko Shimonari.

There are two English opening songs. One is called "Robin of the Forest", while another is an instrumental of "Wood Walker" used for the Interfilm video dub. The Italian dub, called simply Robin Hood, features an opening theme with words by Alessandra Valeri Manera and music by Carmelo "Ninni" Carucci, sung by the popular singer Cristina D'Avena; the French dub, called Les Adventures de Robin des Bois, uses the same tune sung by Alexis Tomassian. All the opening animations are kept the same, however, the ending animation differs depending on the international versions, for example, the Japanese ending is completely original whereas the German dub shows scenes from the series to a shortened instrumental theme of their composed opening.

Episode list

  1. "Birth of the Hero"
  2. "Mystery Forest"
  3. "A Duel"
  4. "House Building"
  5. "The Mercenary"
  6. "Gentlemen Bandits"
  7. "The Loyal King"
  8. "Towards Nottingham"
  9. "Friend or Foe"
  10. "Impossible"
  11. "An Uncertain Future"
  12. "Disguise"
  13. "Up in Smoke"
  14. "A New Day"
  15. "An Unexpected Return"
  16. "Fog and Wind"
  17. "The Ultimate Farewell"
  18. "Tuck's Battle"
  19. "Witchcraft"
  20. "Revenge"
  21. "King of the Forest"
  22. "Fire"
  23. "Thunderstorm in Nottingham"
  24. "The Girl in Black"
  25. "Love and Hate"
  26. "Peace After the Storm"
  27. "A Foundling"
  28. "The Flying Ship"
  29. "A Prediction"
  30. "Barons Greed"
  31. "The Bandits Revenge"
  32. "Jenny's Tale"
  33. "Return"
  34. "The Fog of Revenge"
  35. "The Good Old Days"
  36. "Gamekeeper"
  37. "Fire in the Forest"
  38. "The Treasury"
  39. "Reconciliation"
  40. "An Evil Being"
  41. "Traitor"
  42. "The Lake of Truth"
  43. "The Decisive Battle"
  44. "The Bad Luck Man"
  45. "A Charming Villain"
  46. "Unbeatable"
  47. "Honest Eyes"
  48. "Tragedy"
  49. "Prince of the Woods"
  50. "The Decision"
  51. "The Crowning"
  52. "Immortal"
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