Robin's Nest

For the Hawaiian estate in Magnum P.I., see Robin's Nest (estate). For the hill in Hong Kong, see Robin's Nest (Hong Kong).
Robin's Nest

Series 1 opening title
Genre Sitcom
Created by Brian Cooke
Johnnie Mortimer
Starring Richard O'Sullivan
Tony Britton
Tessa Wyatt
David Kelly
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 6
No. of episodes 48
Producer(s) Peter Frazer-Jones
Running time 30 minutes
(including commercials)
Distributor Fremantle Media
Original network ITV
Original release 11 January 1977 (1977-01-11) – 31 March 1981 (1981-03-31)
Preceded by Man About the House
Related shows George and Mildred
Three's a Crowd!

Robin's Nest is a British sitcom starring Richard O'Sullivan as Robin Tripp, one of the lead characters in the sitcom, Man About the House, which had ended on 7 April 1976. Robin's Nest aired for six series from 11 January 1977 to 31 March 1981, and co-starred Tessa Wyatt as Robin's girlfriend - and later wife - Vicky, and Tony Britton as her father. It was made by Thames Television and aired on network ITV.


In the first episode Robin and Vicky, who share a flat over a Chinese take-away, discover that the tenants have disappeared owing rent to the landlord, Vicky's father James Nichols. It is the practical Vicky who comes up with the perfect solution: Robin should take over the take-away and convert it into a bistro (The "Robin's Nest" of the title). Robin cannot afford to go it alone so he has to go cap-in-hand to Vicky's father, James Nicholls (Tony Britton), to ask him to be his business partner. Although Nicholls disapproves of Robin (believing him to be beneath his daughter), he knows a sensible business deal when it is offered to him – despite his failings, Robin is a brilliant chef – and he agrees. Lots of tension and misunderstandings are to arise from their mismatched relationship.

Creators and writers Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer had to get special permission from the IBA (the then governing body of Independent TV in Britain) to be able to portray an unmarried couple living together; special concern arose at scenes in which Robin and Vicky were seen in an obvious state of undress in bed. In 1978, Robin and Vicky were married and later had a set of twins.

Other characters

Other characters included:

The show was remade in the United States as Three's a Crowd, a sequel to Three's Company – originally based on Man About the House – but was unsuccessful. In 2004, a Polish version was screened, named Dziupla Cezara.

Theme music score

Star of the show Richard O'Sullivan wrote the theme music for the programme, which was arranged and performed by The Shadows's Brian Bennett.

DVD releases

All six series of Robin's Nest have been released on DVD in the UK (Region 2).

DVD Release date
The Complete Series 1
24 September 2007
The Complete Series 2
19 November 2007
The Complete Series 3
26 May 2008
The Complete Series 4
21 July 2008
The Complete Series 5
1 September 2008
The Complete Series 6
The Complete Series 1 to 6 Box Set
3 November 2008


Series One (1977, 7 episodes)

# Title Airdate
1"Sleeping Partners"11 January 1977
Robin Tripp, now a fully qualified, unemployed chef, harbours dreams of opening his own bistro. He is helped by his girlfriend Vicky – but hindered by her father.
2"The Bistro Kids"18 January 1977
Opening day approaches at the bistro and Robin has problems with a stuffed bear, half a pig and a Public Health Inspector.
3"A Little Competition"25 January 1977
Robin knew he’d have competition from the restaurant next door, but it turns out to be worse than expected.
4"The Maternal Triangle"1 February 1977
Robin is not keen to meet Vicky’s mother, since he’s heard she has a nasty habit of hitting people on the nose. The new dish washer thinks he can cope single-handed, but Vicky isn’t sure.
5"Piggy in the Middle"8 February 1977
Vicky’s father decides the restaurant needs some splashes of colour on the walls. Fortunately, he’s romantically involved with a young female artist who he thinks is up to the job...
6"A Matter of Note"15 February 1977
When a counterfeit ten pound note finds its way into the bistro till, Robin must attend a police ID parade. But he picks the wrong man and worries about sparking off an underworld vendetta...
7"Oh, Happy Day"22 February 1977
Vicky wonders whether it’s time to tie the knot with Robin. A quiet wedding for two is planned, but Nicholls has other plans.

Series Two (1978, 6 ep.)

# Title Airdate
1"As Long as He Needs Me"23 February 1978
James Nicholls is unwell and Vicky feels she should move in to look after him. Robin fears it’s a plan to force them apart.
2"The Seven Pound Fiddle"2 March 1978
Money is missing from the till. Nicholls blames Albert and sacks him. But when it becomes clear he is not guilty, they have trouble finding him to apologise – especially with the police involved.
3"Ups & Downs"9 March 1978
The discovery of a cellar underneath the restaurant causes friction between Nicholls and Robin.
4"Three Times Table"16 March 1978
Robin decides to ‘go continental’ and put tables outside the restaurant. This annoys the owner of the steakhouse next door and he makes a take-over bid for Robin’s Nest.
5"Great Expectations"23 March 1978
Victoria thinks she is pregnant, something that delights Robin and upsets Nicholls – though he soon has big plans for his grandchild…
6"Love & Marriage"30 March 1978
The big day has arrived and Robin and Victoria are actually getting married. Will Nicholls interfere with their plans?

Series Three (1978, 13 ep.)

# Title Airdate
1"You Need Hands"25 September 1978
Despite Nicholls’ grand plans for a cabaret, the restaurant has bigger problems: Robin has damaged his cooking arm, and Albert refuses to lend a hand.
2"The Candidate"2 October 1978
Nicholls decides to run as a candidate in the local elections, using the restaurant as his campaign headquarters.
3"Just Desserts"9 October 1978
Nicholls gets his fingers burned when an old flame of Robin’s returns. Robin flies the nest and moves in with his father-in-law.
4"Away From All What?"16 October 1978
It has been ages since Vicky and Robin had a holiday. But Nicholls refuses to pay for a stand-in-chef.
5"England Expects"23 October 1978
Nicholls’ regimental reunion is due, and where better for him to hold it than Robin’s Nest?
6"Once Two is Three"30 October 1978
When Robin has the chance to open a new restaurant in Brighton, Nicholls is determined to scupper the deal.
7"Dinner Date"6 November 1978
An old girlfriend returns to England and recaptures Nicholls’ fancy. Is marriage in the cards?
8"Everything You Wish for Yourself"13 November 1978
When is a birthday not a birthday? And why does Nicholls want to know his daughter’s vital statistics?
9"Be it Ever so Humble"20 November 1978
There’s a crisis when Albert resigns as a washer upper and Vicky and Robin discover they’ve been breaking the law.
10"Day Trippers"27 November 1978
Robin and Vicky decide there’s nothing like a nice peaceful picnic on their day off. And that’s exactly what they get…
11"The Long Distance Runner"4 December 1978
Has Robin really decided to take up jogging, or does he have other reasons for going out early every morning?
12"At Harm’s Length"11 December 1978
Vicky thinks her Uncle Sam is playing around with another woman. Despite Robin’s fears, she decides to take action…
13"The Happy Hen"18 December 1978
Nicholls buys the building next door to Robin’s Nest to open an omelette house. However, he ends up with egg on his face.

Series Four (1979, 8 ep.)

# Title Airdate
1"Should Auld Acquaintance"22 February 1979
The bistro, newly decorated and open for business, faces sudden closure after Robin encounters an old friend in dire need.
2"Person Friday Required"1 March 1979
A meeting with an old colleague starts Vicky wondering if it’s wise for husbands and wives to work together.
3"Lost Weekend"8 March 1979
Lucky Albert wins a weekend away from it all. But a little conniving turns it into a businessman’s holiday for Robin and Vicky.
4"Too Many Waiters Spoil the Bistro"15 March 1979
Nicholls plans to boost profits by increasing the number of tables. This leads to an increase in staff – and in problems.
5"September Song"22 March 1979
Robin’s relationship with Nicholls hits a new low when Vicky comes home to find them brawling in the street.
6"Sorry Partner"29 March 1979
Robin and Vicky are kept busy when Nicholls tries to recapture lost glory on the badminton court.
7"Albert’s Ball"5 April 1979
Albert’s anniversary party looks like being his farewell party when Robin’s Nest acquires a pest.
8"Special: Christmas at Robin’s Nest"27 December 1979
Christmas at Robin’s Nest is just like everywhere else – bad tempers and frayed nerves, with just a hint of seasonal goodwill.

Series Five (1980, 7 ep.)

# Title Airdate
1"Pastures New"8 January 1980
Robin is fed up with slaving over a hot stove and decides to fly the nest in favour of warmer climes.
2"A Man of Property"15 January 1980
With Robin and Vicky’s baby due, they realise they will need more room in the Nest – but where will they find it?
3"If You Pass 'Go', Collect £200"22 January 1980
Robin wants to buy his father-in-law’s share of the bistro.
4"Never Look a Gift Horse…"29 January 1980
Prospective grandparents can often get more excited than parents-to-be, and Robin’s mother-in-law, Marion, is no exception. At the end, Richard O'Sullivan spoofs a line that he spoke as Dick Turpin at the end of the episode Jail-Birds (31 March 1979). He mounts a large wooden pony and says “Well, Bess, which way? To London or Bristol?”
5"Just an Old-Fashioned Girl"5 February 1980
Robin and Vicky become ‘go-betweens’, for both Nicholls and Gertrude and Albert…
6"Great Expectations"12 February 1980
The signs are all there that the baby is imminent: Nichols is tense, Robin is having nightmares and Vicky is bored.
7"Christmas Special: No Room at the Inn"25 December 1980
Christmas dinner at the bistro; with three men and a turkey, the family get-together lacks a woman’s touch.

Series Six (1981, 7 ep.)

# Title Airdate
1"Move Over Darling"17 February 1981
Running a bistro and trying to visit Vicky and the babies isn’t easy, so Robin decides to delegate.
2"The Homecoming"24 February 1981
It’s time for Vicky and the twins to come home, but Robin and Nicholls cannot agree on whose car she should travel in
3"No Smoke Without Fire"3 March 1981
Albert suspects Gertrude is seeing another man.
4"When Irish Eyes are Smiling"10 March 1981
In need of a break, Robin and Vicky go to stay with Grandad.
5"Anniversary Waltz"17 March 1981
With all the food pre-cooked for a private party, it seems the ideal night for Vicky and Robin to go out. What could go wrong?
6"Wish You Weren’t Here"24 March 1981
When Nicholls decides his daughter needs a bit of a break, his generosity knows no bounds…
7"The Headhunters of S.W.6"31 March 1981
When Robin is offered a lucrative new job, Nicholls has no option but to put the restaurant up for sale. Is this the end of Robin’s Nest?
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