Remix dystemper

Remix Dystemper
Remix album by Skinny Puppy
Released 20 October 1998
Genre Industrial
Length 1:14:42
Label Nettwerk
Producer Various
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Remix dystemper
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Remix dystemper is a 1998 remix album of Skinny Puppy tracks, by various artists.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Rodent (Ken "Hiwatt" Marshall Remix) (DDT Mix)"   7:12
2. "Addiction (Günter Schulz of KMFDM Remix) (Opium Remix)"   6:35
3. "Smothered Hope (Ogre and Mark Walk Remix)"   3:33
4. "Killing Game (Autechre Remix) (Bent Mix)"   5:11
5. "Love in Vein (Neotropic Remix) (Go Girl Trio Mix)"   5:11
6. "Worlock (Rhys Fulber Remix) (Eye of the Beholder Mix)"   6:50
7. "Spasmolytic (Deftones Remix) (Habitual Mix)"   4:32
8. "Tin Omen (Adrian Sherwood Remix) (Main Mix)"   7:32
9. "Testure (God Lives Underwater Remix)"   5:16
10. "Dig It (Mark Walk Remix)"   2:44
11. "Assimilate (Chris Vrenna Remix) (Tweaker Mix)"   6:22
12. "Censor (Guru Remix) (The Gutter Mix)"   4:04
13. "Chainsaw (Josh Wink Remix)"   9:39



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