Remission (EP)

EP by Skinny Puppy
Released December 1984
Recorded July-Aug. 1984
(Mushroom Studios, Vancouver)
Genre Industrial, electronic, synthpop
Length 24:09 (original)
39:33 (re-issue)
Label Nettwerk (Canada)
Scarface/Play It Again Sam (Europe)
Producer cEvin Key, Dave Ogilvie
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Remission is a 1984 EP by Skinny Puppy,[2] their first release with Nettwerk Records. The vinyl EP was released with six tracks, and released on cassette in 1986 with additional tracks expanding the release to a full-length album. Tracks from both Remission and its follow-up Bites were combined into a single CD release in 1987 titled Bites And Remission; in 1993 Nettwerk released Remission on CD using the track listing from the 1986 cassette release.[2]

Track listing

Original EP release
1."Smothered Hope"  5:14
2."Glass Houses"  3:24
3."Far Too Frail"  3:41
4."Solvent"  4:37
5."Sleeping Beast"  6:01
6."Brap…"  1:12
Total length:24:09
Cassette/Re-issued LP release
1."Smothered Hope"  5:14
2."Glass Houses"  3:21
3."Incision"  4:41
4."Far Too Frail"  3:43
5."Film"  2:51
6."Manwhole"  1:44
7."Ice Breaker"  2:46
8."Solvent"  4:38
9."Sleeping Beast"  6:01
10."Glass Out"  3:25
11."…Brap"  1:09
Total length:39:33


Production notes


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