RealmForge Game Engine

"Realmforge" redirects here. For the video game developer, see Realmforge Studios.

In-Game Editor
Developer(s) Dan Moorehead
Stable release
Beta v0.6.2 (Discontinued) / July 1, 2005
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform PC
Type Game Engine
License GNU Lesser General Public License
Website Visual3D Game Engine

RealmForge is a free and open-source game engine for the Microsoft .NET Framework, predecessor to Visual3D Game Engine, the cross-platform game engine and visual development toolset for .NET 2.0 and Microsoft XNA.


RealmForge is built upon the Axiom 3D rendering engine, a C# port of the popular C++ OGRE Engine. It is written entirely in C# and built entirely upon a backbone of free and open-source libraries and enables development of free and commercial 3D games and simulations using .NET. RealmForge was featured on the front page of Software Developer's Journal[1] as the first promising .NET game development solution and ranked as 9th top open-source engine in the DevMaster 3D Game and Graphics Engine Database. RealmForge is no longer under development but there is a fork of this project named ForgeRealm which is currently in development.[2]

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