Rešad Bešlagić

Rešad Bešlagić
Born 1912
Tuzla, Austria-Hungary
Died 1945 (aged 3233)
Sarajevo, Independent State of Croatia
  • singer
Years active 1928–45

Musical career

  • vocals

Rešad Bešlagić (1912–1945) was a Bosnian folk singer and one of the most significant sevdalinka interpreters of the 1930s and 1940s.


Bešlagić was born in Tuzla,[1] Bosnia and Herzegovina shortly before World War I broke out in nearby Sarajevo in 1914.

He was killed during World War II by fascist Ustaše troops in Sarajevo, aged 33. Despite this well-known fact, during the time of communist Yugoslavia he was falsely put on the list of the Jasenovac concentration camp victims as a part of communist anti-Croatian propaganda.[2]


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