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Not to be confused with Radio programming.

A radio program (radio programme in the United Kingdom) or radio show is a segment of content intended for broadcast on radio. It may be a one-time production or part of a periodically recurring series. A single program in a series is called an episode.

International radio

In Britain, radio broadcasting was dominated entirely by the BBC, which since the early 1920s had been developing a broad spectrum of programming including different genres of music and speech, including documentaries, drama, comedy, news, religious broadcasts, children's programmes, schools broadcasts and sports coverage). BBC output was a unifying force within British culture, and has been written about extensively elsewhere.

In the 1950s, a small but growing cohort of Rock and pop music fans, dissatisfied with the BBC's output, might listen to Radio Luxembourg, but to too small an extent to have any impact on the BBC's monopoly and invariably only at night, when the signal from Luxembourg was stronger. During the post-1964 period, western Europe offshore radio (such as Radio Caroline broadcasting from ships at anchor or abandoned forts) helped to supply the demand for the pop and rock music. The BBC launched its own pop music station, BBC Radio 1, in 1967.

In South Asia, Radio Ceylon was the oldest radio station in the region. Broadcasting in Ceylon was launched by British engineer, Edward Harper in 1925. Radio Ceylon became a public corporation in 1967 and was known as the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation when the island turned into a republic in 1972.

Interest in old-time radio (OTR) has increased in recent years with programs traded and collected on reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes and CDs and Internet downloads, as well as the popularity of podcasts.[1][2]


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