Radio Free Roscoe

Radio Free Roscoe
Genre Teen comedy, Teen drama
Created by Will McRobb
Douglas McRobb
Starring Nathan Carter
Ali Mukaddam
Nathan Stephenson
Kate Todd
Theme music composer Jono Grant
Opening theme "Radio Free Roscoe Theme"
Ending theme "Radio Free Roscoe Theme"
(Instrumental) (some episodes)
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Steven DeNure
Neil Court
Beth Stevenson
Producer(s) John A. Delmage
Brent Piaskoski
Running time 20–22 minutes
Production company(s) Decode Entertainment
Original network Family (Canada)
The N (U.S.)
Original release 1 August 2003 – 27 May 2005

Radio Free Roscoe is a Canadian television series filmed in Toronto, Ontario. The show was produced by Decode Entertainment, and it first aired on 1 August 2003 on Family, in Canada. It has also been dubbed in French (as required for Canadian federally funded TV shows) in the province of Quebec and aired on Vrak. The show was later aired on The N in the United States, where the show received funding for a second season. The series ended on 27 May 2005 because The N decided to stop funding the show, and Family, along with Decode Entertainment, could not fill the gap in the production budget. The show was shown on Family until 2007, when it was replaced. In early 2008, The N began rebroadcasting reruns.

The pilot was first filmed in New Jersey, with an entirely different cast. At that time, the show was going to be based in Nutley, New Jersey and was titled Radio Free Nutley. The show was never picked up until Decode Entertainment decided to move production to Toronto and change the cast and title of the show. However, the show was still set in suburban New Jersey.


Four teens in the suburban New Jersey town of Roscoe start attending Henry Roscoe High School. There, they are fed up with their school's radio station, "Cougar Radio", dictating unto the masses how to live, plus the rather overbearing Principal Waller, who seems to favor the popular students, so they create their own pirate radio station called Radio Free Roscoe. Lily Randall, Ray Brennan and Robbie McGrath are old friends, and find a friend in Travis Strong when they form the radio station. Each of them make a radio name to conceal their identity.

In their time at Roscoe High, the four friends confront challenges, such as when Ray ("Pronto") has a crush on Lily ("Shady Lane"), when Lily and Travis ("Smog") date briefly, and during other love interests between the members of RFR and their schoolmates, such as Lily and River Pierce, Travis and Parker Haynes, and Ray and Grace. Cougar Radio and life at Roscoe High gets more complicated when Robbie ("Question Mark") falls for the Cougar Radio DJ, Kim Carlisle.

Cast and characters

Main cast

Note: each member of Radio Free Roscoe uses a pseudonym that is only used when broadcasting their radio show, so they can remain anonymous (this is represented in quotation marks).

Supporting cast

The final two episodes of the series ("Dance Around the Truth" and "The Last Dance") included all of the main and supporting cast, excluding Bridget (although she is mentioned) and Audrey.

All members of RFR have been, at some point, part of Cougar Radio. Travis considered joining in Episode One. Ray joined Cougar Radio because he didn't like concealing himself behind his persona "Pronto". Kim Carlisle convinced Robbie to join. Lily joined River Pierce to get air time for her band. Regardless of the rational basis, none of the RFR members departs permanently.

Guest stars


There are a total of 52 episodes. On Family, the episodes aired as two seasons, and on The N the episodes aired as four seasons, although both channels have aired all 52 episodes.

Media releases

There are two official Radio Free Roscoe products.

Awards and nominations



International syndication

RFR is currently in syndication on these stations:

Country/Region Channel
 Australia ABC (now moved to ABC2)
South America Latin America Boomerang
 United States The N
 Poland TVP2
 Russia Teen TV
 Italy Rai Gulp and Rai 2
 Portugal Panda Biggs

RFR was formerly syndicated on these stations:

Country/Region Channel Language
Canada Canada VRAK.TV French
Brazil Brazil Boomerang Brazilian Portuguese
Poland Poland ZigZap Polish
United Kingdom United Kingdom Nickelodeon UK English
France France France 2 and Canal J French
Finland Finland YLE TV2 English (with Finnish subtitles)
 Israel Arutz HaYeladim English (with Hebrew subtitles)
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