RTHK TV 31, 31A

RTHK 31A (analogue)

Launched 13 January 2014 (digital)
2 April 2016 (analogue)
Owned by RTHK
Picture format 576i 4:3 (PAL)
1080i 16:9 (HDTV)
Language Cantonese
Broadcast area Hong Kong
Replaced ATV Home
Sister channel(s) RTHK 32
Website RTHK.hk
Hong Kong Analogue Channel 31
Hong Kong Digital Channel 62
NowTV Channel 31
Streaming media
RTHK.hk Watch Live

RTHK 31 (Chinese: 香港電台31) is a Chinese-language free-to-air television channel in Hong Kong, owned by RTHK. It is one of RTHK's three channels alongside RTHK TV32 and RTHK TV33 to be launched on 13 January 2014 on digital terrestrial television as part of the latter's expansion. Since 2 April 2016, TV31 and TV33 began simulcast on analogue channel frequencies previously owned by Asia Television (ATV) after ATV's licences were revoked by the government over financial losses and internal conflicts. As a result, RTHK TV31 expanded its broadcast hours from 6:30AM to 1:30AM the next day.[1][2]

All RTHK TV channels are funded by the administration every year.


Some of RTHK's produced programmes aired on commercial networks are also aired on this channel.


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