Pycniospores are a type of spore in fungi. They are produced in special cup-like structures called pycnia or pynidia. Almost all fungi reproduce asexually with the production of spores. Spores may be colorless, green, yellow, orange, red, brown or black.

Other types of spore


Sporangiospores (spore:spore, angion:sac) are spores formed inside the sporangium which is a spore sac.


Conidia (singular: conidium) are spores produced at the tip of special branches called conidiophores.


Oidia (singular: oidium). In several fungi, the hyphae is often divided into a large number of short pieces by transverse walls. Each piece is able to germinate into a new body. These pieces are called oidia (small egg).


Chlamydospores (chlymus: mantle) are produced like idia but differ from idia in being thick walled. They are either terminal or inter caloary.

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