Punjabi Kabaddi

Punjabi Kabaddi

Kabaddi at the Guru Gobind Singh Stadium
Kabaddi Match (Bhimber)
Circle Style Kabaddi ground

Punjabi Kabaddi (Punjabi: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਕਬੱਡੀ), also called Kauddi (Punjabi: ਕੋੌਡੀ) is a contact sport that originated in the Punjab region. The term Punjabi Kabaddi is a generic term used to describe the following:


The term Kabaddi may be derived from the Punjabi word "Kauddi" (Punjabi: ਕੋੌਡੀ) which is chanted to play Kabaddi or, it is derived from "katta" (calf) (Punjabi: ਕੱਟਾ) and "vaddi" (to chop) (Punjabi: ਵੱਢੀ) which together has become Kabaddi.[1]

Traditional Punjabi Kabaddi styles

Lambi Kauddi

In Lambi Kauddi (Punjabi: ਲੰਬੀ ਕੌਡੀ) [3] there are 15 players with a cicular pitch of 15–20 feet. There is no outer limit. The players can run as far they can. There is no referee. The raider will say "kauddi, kauddi" throughout the attack.

Saunchi Kauddi

Saunchi Kauddi (Punjabi: ਸੌਚੀ ਕੌਡੀ) [3] (also called Saunchi pakki/Punjabi: ਸੌਚੀ ਪੱਕੀ) can best be described as being similar to boxing. It is popular in the Malwa area of Punjab. It is unlimited players with a cicular playing pitch. A bamboo with a red cloth is dug into the ground which is paraded by the winner.

In sauchi kabaddi, the raider will hit the defender but only on the chest. The defender will then hold the raiders wrist. A foul is declared if any other part of the body is grabbed. If the defender hold the raiders wrist and restricts his movement, he will be declared the winner. If the raider loses the grip of the defender, then the raider will be the winner.[3]

Goongi Kabaddi

A popular style is "Goongi Kabaddi" (Punjabi: ਗੂੰਗੀ ਕਬੱਡੀ) (silent Kabaddi) where a raider player does not speak and say the word kabaddi but just touches the opponent’s team player and the whom he touches only that player will try to stop the player. The struggle will continue till he reaches the starting line or acknowledge the defeat and loses a point, or if he safely reaches the starting line, he will get the point.[4]

Other traditional styles

Punjab Circle style

History and development

Kabaddi is the regional sport of the Punjab region and was referred to as Punjabi Kabaddi in India and Pakistan. However, with the formation of the states of Haryana and Punjab in India, the same game was referred to as Punjab Kabaddi and Haryana Kabaddi. This caused confusion and therefore, in 1978, the Amateur Circle Kabaddi Federation of India was formed and the syle of Kabaddi played in the Punjab region was named Circle Kabaddi.[4]

Punjab Circle kabaddi, also known as "diarey wali Kabaddi" (Punjabi: ਦਾੲਿਰੇ ਵਾਲੀ ਕਬੱਡੀ)[1] incorporates the Kabaddi styles of the Punjab region.


In the Punjab region, Kabaddi is played on a circular[1] pitch of a diameter of 22 meters and an inner circle with a line through the middle of the pitch: the pitch is called "Kaudi da bharha". There are two teams of 8 players; one on one raid; and no player leaves the field.[3] If 2 stopers attack a player, a foul is declared. Punjab style Kabaddi does not require the raider saying "Kabaddi, Kabaddi" throughout the raid.[1] The game lasts for 40 minutes with a change in sides after 20 minutes.[3]

In the Punjab Circle Style form of Kabaddi, whenever any player is touched (out), he does not go out of the court, but stays inside, and one point is awarded to the team that touched him. This game is also played on a time basis, i.e. the time is 30 sec.

Notable competitions

Kabaddi World Cup

Further information: Kabaddi

The Men's World Cup and Women's World Cup are played in accordance with the Punjab Circle Style.[5]

World Kabaddi League

Further information: World Kabaddi League

World Kabaddi League was introduced in 2014.[6] The league followed the rules & guidelines as defined by the Punjab[7] circle[8] style Kabaddi. The league was played across four countries [9] from August 2014 to December 2014.

Local tournaments

There are over 1,000 Kabaddi tournaments held in Punjab,[1] some of which include the following

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