ProFootballTalk Live with Mike Florio
Genre Sports talk
Running time 3 hours
(6:00 – 9:00 a.m. ET)
Country  United States
Language(s) English
Home station NBC Sports Radio (2007-present)
TV adaptations NBCSN
Starring Mike Florio
Air dates since January 5, 2015
Website Mike Florio | NBC Sports Radio is a news and rumor website that focuses on the National Football League. Though much of the information on PFT is aggregated from mainstream media sources, site editor Mike Florio often writes stories based on tips he attributes to a network of sources.

The main focus of the site is the "Daily Rumor Mill" consisting of postings of the aforementioned news items as well as editorializing by Florio. Throughout the season, weekly rankings of players at various positions for fantasy football are posted. Furthermore, the site maintains a year-round "Turd Watch" competition, in which teams are ranked based on the arrests of their personnel.

The site was created on November 1, 2001, by Florio, who is also the site's primary editor and contributor. Florio is responsible for the multiple daily updates to the primary page of the site, the "Daily Rumor Mill." In addition, content such as satirical photo-illustrations and periodic live blogs by Florio of NFL games or the draft.

On June 14, 2009, it was announced that would become an affiliate of NBC Sports, which would hold exclusive rights to PFT content although Florio would retain ownership.[1]

PFT staff

Mike Florio Main contributor Aside from his work on the website and appearances during halftime of Notre Dame games on NBC with Peter King, Florio works as a lawyer. He resides in West Virginia. Before creating the site, Florio worked at for a week.
Gregg Rosenthal Contributor Joined the writing staff following the affiliate agreement with NBC. Moved on to in March 2012.
Michael David Smith Contributor Re-joined the writing staff in 2009 while still working for FanHouse
Josh Alper Contributor Author of "one-liners," short team-by-team news blurbs posted at least once a day
James Clinton Technical Design JetBlackNinja handles the design and layout of the site.
Joe Brocato PFTV Contributor Participated in the PFTV segments by asking Mike Florio questions. His day job is a sports reporter for a local West Virginia TV station. Left the site before the NBC Deal
Ted Sundquist Twice a week contributor Former Broncos GM that writes previews and reviews of three high-profile games per week, going over several 'keys to success. His stay was short on PFT'

Former contributing writers include Tom Curran and Aaron Wilson.

Site sections / elements


Notable errors

ProFootballTalk posted and thus spread the unconfirmed rumor on January 25, 2007 that broadcaster and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw had died in a car accident. This proved to be incorrect.[1]

A similar instance occurred on the September 14, 2009 when the crew of erroneously reported a quote from Keyshawn Johnson in referring to Joe Flacco as a "bum".[2] A correction to this was posted on the September 15.[3]

Censorship complaints

The site has received numerous complaints from users regarding censorship of discussion forums. In an article that appeared on the site, called "Seeking comments on whether we should dump comments",[4] the words "delete" or "deleted" appeared 88 times, in reference to the site's practice of deleting user comments to articles. The words "remove" or "removed" appear 22 times. The article itself references the process of "clearing" comments in the quote below -

    "In turn, the process of clearing comments has become a headache, with plenty of comments not adding to the conversation and plenty of inappropriate comments slipping through the cracks and plenty of readers sending in emails to complain about their own comments being dumped."

According to user complaints in the discussion, the criteria for deleting comments is not clear, with many users complaining that their deleted posts were not inappropriate or off-topic. Several users' complaints of deleted comments cite conflicting opinion with the author as the suspected reason for removal.


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